Video: Garbage Fire at 1450 Washington St. in Hoboken, NJ

Below is raw video of the fire that smelled up the premises at 1450 Washington earlier this evening. HFD did a fine job putting it out. However, do buildings like this only have “active” sprinkler heads when the retail space is complete? Seems like it would have saved some trouble if at least some sprinklers were working. Who knows – maybe they were, but it didn’t look like it from my perspective.

Hoboken battles another fire – 1450 Washington Street

Boy, the Hoboken Fire Department is being kept busy these days! On the heels of the destructive fire at 300 Washington Street, we had another fire break out in the newly constructed Toll Brothers building at 1450 Washington Street.

It appeared to have started in the unoccupied large retail space on the Bloomfield Street side of the building, and was mostly comprised of construction garbage, plastic dumpsters boxes and other debris.

No word on what the cause was – but it looks like no one was hurt. Good job HFD again for managing the situation. Video to follow.