hoboken-ymca.gif7/12/2007 Press Release:

Summer Trial Memberships

“Give the Y a try this summer and enrich your Spirit, Mind & Body with our Summer Membership!

The Hoboken-North Hudson YMCA is now offering a 4-month summer trial memberships while enjoying all of the benefits of annual membership (Youth & adult sports, free child-watch during weekdays, preschool classes, Pilates, yoga, family programs, fitness center, swimming and more!). At the end of the four months (within two weeks of your expiration date), join the Y and pay 50% of the joining fee.

Adult $199.00 or Family $310.00*

*(Any two adult leaseholders residing at the same address, along with dependents age 12 and under.)
You must sign up between now and August 15th in order to take advantage of this summer offer. For more information, contact our welcome and information staff or stop down to take a tour alone or with your family. Memberships are not refundable or transferable.”

Hoboken-North Hudson YMCA

Description – YMCA with a wide range of programs for individuals and families
Services – Free weights, exercise machines, aerobics, dance, yoga, basketball court, swimming pool, martial arts, fencing, day care, summer camp
Website – www.hobokenymca.org
Address – 1301 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-963-4100, Fax – 201-963-5010


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  1. strand tramp says:

    i read a story on the YMCA that said they provide rooms for 93 bums? is that right? that can’t be right…93? add to that the number of bums that the nun feeds and houses downtown and i bet we have at least 1 bum per city block in Hoboken. that’s a pretty high bum density. oh…and there is the shanty town too, for those free-spirit bums who prefer to go to the bathroom outdoors. wow, we got a lot of bums. oh, and how can the handcart “homeless” sign woman actually continue to be here in hoboken for almost 10yrs? isn’t there a limit to how long you can panhandle and live for free in any given town? she’s been standing at the ferry and path for at least 10yrs. hoboken MUST have panhandling laws on the books…how do we findout ?

  2. matt_72 says:

    I don’t think they are bums, just working poor. Once the renovations are done I believe a few more will be moving in – I think they are building another floor on top of the building for use as a dorm.

  3. strand tramp says:

    hey, if they’re working and need a hand to get over a period of difficulty, i’m happy the YMCA is there for them. i’m sure they run a strict facility as well.
    “a Hobo is a migratory worker who likes to travel, a Tramp travels without working, and a Bum does not travel and refuses to work.” Thesaurus.com

  4. beamrider9 says:

    strand tramp spews his right-wing nonsense & loathing of poor people in almost every thread. Don’t mind him. He just watches a little too much Bill O’Reilly.

  5. strand tramp says:

    no bumrider9, i just learned at 12 that i had to work if i wanted spending money. as well as do my chores and homework. i’m no better than anyone else. if i had to do it then, and go to work at 7am everyday now…then everyone else can also. the work ethic made this country strong from the beginning, but has eased in this era of “i’m a victim!” if you don’t want to work move to france.

  6. eam144 says:

    ok so I went on the YMCA web site and looked at the offer. $310 family membership for 3 months (not 4 as stated by 411 or at least that is what the web site says) = $1240 for the year plus 50% off the “joining fee” is $75 for a total of $1315. The regular charge to join is $888 ($222 for 3 months)for a family for the year plus $150 joining fee which = $1038. It does not say whether the cost of the trial is applied to the year or what the fee is to join – I guess the regular amount of $888? I can’t figure out what is so special about this summer special??? I realize that you only shell out $310 but still no big deal to me.

  7. strand tramp says:

    you think the new 2 story addition is going to build itself? pay up people!

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