No Fluoride in New Jersey!

New Jersey set to poison everyone (including Hoboken)

Fluoride has been a long debated topic in our country. And over the past few years, public opposition has surely increased. From what we understand here at Hoboken411, there is almost zero benefit to fluoridating our water supply – and if anything fluoride only (minimally) helps children under 5 years of age.

This sign (pictured below), from the Fluoride Action Network was posted at Elysian Park this morning, saying the NJ Assembly passed a bill to fluoridate NJ’s water supplies.

Pray this doesn’t happen!

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  1. 212transplant says:

    That was one of the very few things NJ had going for it, the fact that we didn’t fluoridate our water. This is very bad news, and I’m surprised I didn’t hear anything about it in the mainstream media. Very disturbing indeed. Shocking, actually. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Knightc3 says:

    Here is what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has to say about community water fluoridation:

    “One of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century.”

    There are also peer reviewed scientific journal articles on the subject at the below link.

    It’s a good idea to consider both sides of this practice.

  3. hoboken411 says:

    The fact that the founding father of deception through marketing – Edward Bernays – played a role in positively marketing Fluoride – gives me 100x more reasons to avoid it:

  4. HansBrix says:

    (video added by admin)

  5. dannyboy14 says:

    Fluoridating water is a phenomenally stupid public health policy. In fact, putting anything besides water in the water is a dumb policy. What’s next? Vitamin C? Omega-3’s? The logic used to add fluoride to the water can be used to add pretty much anything to the water in the name of public health.

    The biggest problem I have with the policy is they expect me to believe two contradictory things: 1. That there is so little fluoride in the water that it will have no adverse affect on my health, and 2. That there is enough fluoride in the water that it will greatly benefit my teeth. So there is some magic amount that is just right? Sorry, I don’t buy it. Maybe it would be good if I were gargling the water and spitting it out, but when I pour a glass of water, I usually plan on ingesting it.

    So please do not allow this to happen, policy makers. The average citizen does not want to drink this stuff. And yet, people who oppose water fluoridation are branded as extremists and conspiracy theorists, even though the average citizen almost always opposes the idea when the pros and cons are all laid out objectively. One need look no further than the Star-Ledger’s staff-written editorial from a couple of days ago to see an example of this type of vilification and twisted logic at work. I’m glad H411 is on the right side of this debate.

  6. Silva says:

    Damn Commies.

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  7. DarrylJ says:

    Anyone that believes that fluoride is OK, should probably just walk straight off the cliff or into an oven. Society filled with sheep. Sad, but true.

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