Love & Yogurt

Love & Yogurt – 54 Newark Street in Hoboken

Swung by Love & Yogurt downtown the other day – just to see how a person living the low-carb life would manage in a place packed with sugar!

Luckily – they had an iPad sitting on the wall, that allowed be to look up how many carbs a four ounce serving of their yogurts would be. While the “app” was annoying (you had to back out to the main menu each time you looked something up), I managed to stick with the “cake batter” flavor – which had 19g of carbs per 4 oz. I squirted out 1.5 oz. for my tasting (7g carbs).

The “fixin’s” bar had tons candy like sweets, but there were some OK fruits – and a great surprise and a big win for the LCHF team members: Macadamia Nuts!

You bring your concoction to the register where it’s weighed. Mine came in at $1.94. Not a bad mid-day snack at all!

They’re open till at least 11pm every day – later Thursday through Saturday nights (the sign on the door says midnight, but their website says 2am.) Guess it varies depending on weather.

Description: Another Hoboken Yogurt by-the-ounce establishment
Address: 54 Newark St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)850-1977

Love & Yogurt Frozen Yogurt comes to Hoboken, NJ


Soon taking the place of “Oh Capizzi” Hair Salon at 54 Newark Street in Hoboken is a new frozen yogurt joint called Love & Yogurt.

While I wish all small business owners great luck with whatever their endeavors are, I have slight reservations about this.

From what I understand, the Hoboken Frozen Yogurt “Bermuda Triangle” in the middle of town isn’t doing so swell at the moment. Koa Koa is deserted most of the time, and Mon Cheri has already gone through a few different owners and is for sale at the moment.

Sure, the downtown area might be higher trafficked than midtown – but is frozen yogurt really such a “hot commodity” these days? Or is this just eager entrepreneurs getting sucked in by over-zealous franchise sales people?

“Caviar dreams on a tuna fish budget! This is Robin Leach reporting from yogurt bowels of Hoboken, New Jersey!”

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4 Comments on "Love & Yogurt"

4 years 8 days ago

How many cups of frozen yogurt do you need to sell each month just to make the rent?

4 years 7 days ago

Koa Koa’s and Mon Cheri’s quality is very poor. So it makes sense why they are empty most of the time. If Lovin’ Cup can bring quality froyo and a wide selection of flavors like Pinkberry or Red Mango, than they should see more foot traffic. I am pulling for them because I want to have quality froyo in my home town.

3 years 6 months ago

DON’T EAT OR USE THE TOPPINGS THEY HAVE SMALL FLIES IN THEM! This place leaves their door open letting in bugs and flies. I was there one day and went to use the toppings and four little nat flies came flying out. DISGUSTING! I told the girl that worked there. She took the topping container went to the back and pre tended to change it. I saw her through the clear door in the back standing there and then walking to the front. So disappointing and GROSS! They need to get a screen door if they want to keep the… Read more »

3 years 6 months ago

So sorry to hear your Love & Yogurt experience was not all that it could have been. We make every effort to keep the entire store, and topping containers included, as neat, tidy, and certainly bug free as possible! We do take the critique to heart and will work that much more to make your next visit to Love & Yogurt memorable for much more POSITIVE reasons! [quote comment=”216572″]DON’T EAT OR USE THE TOPPINGS THEY HAVE SMALL FLIES IN THEM!This place leaves their door open letting in bugs and flies. I was there one day and went to use the… Read more »