Cake Boss Health Code Violation?

Want some armpit hair with your Cake Boss Cannoli?

I found this picture that Hoboken411 reader Bob sent in last week amusing.

Apparently some upcoming Cake Boss episode involves half-dressed dudes wearing bow-ties giving away Cannolis in front of Carlo’s Bakery.

At first I thought, “sure – anything to draw attention on TV, pretty much a standard formula, whatever.”

Then I gagged as I imagined loose sweaty armpit hairs falling into the desserts, and these obsessed fans not really giving a darn what they put in their mouth – as long as they ate something that came from a place they saw on a TV reality show… Next!

5 Responses

  1. aurora says:

    See nothing wrong with cute guys handing out free treats! 😉

  2. BklynHobo says:

    If they can serve food at Scores, I think this is fine :)

  3. FMTVENG says:

    changes are good that if the guys workout and are in good shape they either shave or nair all their body hair off anyway because it looks better.

  4. LobstaGirl says:

    In NJ they call this type of marketing “Classy”.

  5. mooshu says:

    Of course, if topless women were serving cannolis in front of Carlo’s, no complaints about pit pubes right?

    Blech. Aren’t these dudes a wee bit cold? I’m sorry but I can’t stand bowties. Or anything from this place no matter who serves it.

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