Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade Canceled

Archstone building in Hoboken locks down for Lepre-Con

With Hoboken Lepre-Con just a week and a half away – some buildings are taking proactive actions to keep the sanity.

One such example is the Archstone at 77 Park Avenue. On top of unconscionable rents – now they’re putting the building in a communist lock-down on March 3rd – and enforcing what seems to be a ridiculous “guest policy,” which stipulates you can’t have more than two guests visiting YOUR apartment at ANY time.

That means you can’t have Thanksgiving Dinner or a kid’s birthday party!

I’m all for “sensible living,” but to control people like this just over-steps living in a free republic. Wow!

One Hoboken411 reader who lives there sent in a note that was given to all tenants (see below).

Archstone says: No more than two guests EVER!

Dear Archstone Hoboken Residents,

As you may already know, Hoboken’s “Lepre-Con” Day will be celebrated on Saturday, March 3, 2012. Anyone familiar with the formerly celebrated Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and now this new event, may be aware that there is the potential for large parties that can be extremely disruptive to our community.

In response to these anticipated disturbances, and to the excessive property damage, lease violations, and illegal activity during last year’s celebration, Archstone Hoboken Management will be fully enforcing paragraph 8 of the lease agreement which states:

  • 8. OCCUPANCY AND USE: Guests may not occupy the apartment in excess of fourteen (14) days during any twelve calendar month period, and not more than two (2) guests may occupy the apartment at any one time, without prior written authorization of Owner..

Archstone Hoboken (Owner) will not be authorizing any more than two guests per apartment for the entire day of March 3, 2012.

The lobby doors will be on controlled access all day which means that you will need your key fob to enter the building. Please have your ID on you at all times so we can quickly identify our residents. The fitness center and sundeck will be closed for the entire day of March 3, 2012. Additionally, there will be no move-ins/move-outs permitted and the leasing office will be closed. Please visit the concierge with questions or concerns.

Archstone Hoboken Management will have additional staff on duty to proactively handle any disturbances, and to ensure all community rules outlined in the Lease agreement are being followed. Please remember that if you are having guests in the building, you are responsible for their actions at all times. You will be held accountable for any damages your guests cause to your apartment or to any other part of the community. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in any common area of the building as these are considered public spaces; alcohol consumption must be confined to your apartment. Loitering in the hallways, emergency stairwells, and lobby will not be permitted. You and your guests will be asked to return to your apartment or leave the building if found in these areas. Also, access to the roof is strictly prohibited. Management will be enforcing all sections of the Lease agreement to its fullest extent, and all violators will be subject to written lease violations, fines, eviction, and arrest.

Our goal in enforcing the above stated restrictions is to make sure our community remains comfortable and clean for all residents. We hope everyone who plans to celebrate “Lepre-Con” Day has an enjoyable and safe time. If you choose to have guests, please be respectful of your neighbors and keep noise to a low level.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us either in person, by phone at 201-653-7400, or by email at Hoboken@ArchstoneMail.com. It would be our pleasure to assist you!

Archstone Hoboken Management

Lepre-Con: St. Patty’s Parade or not, drinking will continue in Hoboken

1/31/2012 Update:

As Hoboken411 first told you several weeks ago – despite the Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade being canceled, mass booze consumption will happen regardless.

The Hoboken Lepre-Con event now has over 8,200 confirmed Facebook attendees – and probably many more non-social network revelers will also zone in on Hoboken during the first Saturday in March this year.

It’s quite possible the city-wide turnout (of pure party-goers) versus previous years might even reach an all-time high regardless of the parade. It remains to be seen if the situation will turn out better or worse.

Funny thing is – that the annual Gasparilla Parade in Tampa, FL – with 400,000 people – had no major incidents and only 25 arrests! Maybe that is because the city relaxed the open-container laws for the day, and allowed people to walk around with their drinks on the parade route. They did, however issue 300 tickets for open container violations in areas beyond the “approved” zones. That’s still half the tickets in a parade over 10 times the size of Hoboken’s!

Here’s local artist Ricardo Roig’s interpretation of Hoboken Lepre-Con:

Would you re-instate the Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade?

1/16/2012 Update:

Now that the Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade has been canceled it seems we’re left off in possibly a WORSE position than we were previously: The same drunk mayhem, but with no tradition, parade or history!

Thanks to the lovely internet, and the people’s ability to organize themselves – tens of thousands of amateurs hell-bent on drinking themselves into a stupor will STILL come to Hoboken on the first Saturday in March. Here’s an excerpt from the site Hoboken Lepre-Con:


In response to the cancellation of the annual Hoboken St Patrick’s Day parade, we are sponsoring the first annual Hoboken Lepre-Con. In the spirit of the Christmas-time celebration of Santa-Con, we are inviting all revelers to carry on the spirit and tradition of the annual Hoboken St Patrick’s Day festivities with our Lepre-Con.

Dress up in full Leprechaun garb or other Irish festive gear and head over to Hoboken, NJ from 9am onward on Saturday March 3, 2012. Over the next few weeks, we will coordinate with Hoboken’s local watering holes to ensure that they are well prepared to receive us and keep this tradition alive.”

If true – what’s the benefit of canceling Hoboken St. Patty’s Parade?

OK, let’s assume the worst – and the SAME number of drunken individuals come to Hoboken on March 3, 2012. It was NEVER the parade itself that caused the problems, it was the people that got stupid and drunk – at both private apartments as well as local watering holes. Canceling the parade doesn’t cancel the drinking!

Also – there is talk about changing the hours the bars are open on that day in Hoboken (now any bar can open at 6:30am). Would changing it to Noon, 3pm, or even 6pm make much of a difference? Probably not – and it’s quite possible it would create even more private drinking “pockets” throughout town – with no supervision (security, bouncers, etc.) and MORE problems.

So if canceling the parade has no or little effect on the “troubles” the city has to deal with (with property taxpayer money), then does it make any sense at all put an end to a 25+ year tradition? Or is it just a first step towards what will hopefully be a “tradition” that will eventually die down?

Does Canceling the Hoboken St. Patty's Parade make a difference?

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How to you stop mass organized alcohol consumption?

Is it possible that, because of this parade’s reputation and popularity amongst those that engage in mass-consumption of alcohol for this exact reason – that it’s next to impossible to stop?

Other than a practically militarized state here in Hoboken (and hundreds if not several thousand enforcement “officers”) – how do you prevent something like this from happening?

What is wrong with our society that we cannot “behave” ourselves and NOT get inebriated, violent and destructive? What happened to respect of property (and respect for one’s self?)

Controlling citizens in a free republic is not the answer, in my opinion – but getting to the source of the problem should be the question we’re all asking. And I think it goes way beyond this city and those that visit. Frankly, I think it’s our entire country as a whole that needs fixing. Maybe this melting pot of people wasn’t such a great idea after all. Just to give you a bit of how I’m seeing that – remember the Tsunami in Japan? Do you think our country would have been so calm, cool and collected? I highly doubt it (look at what happened after Hurricane Katrina).

St. Patrick’s Parade Canceled in Hoboken for 2012

The Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day Parade was canceled by the parade committee, citing “the city of Hoboken’s inability to protect our spectators, bands and participants.”

The announcement was made on the web site hobokensaintpatricksparade.org.

Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade Doomed after 25 years

“The Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade Committee met earlier this week to discuss what would have been our 26th annual parade. After a long, arduous and sad meeting, the committee has decided to cancel the 2012 Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade.

The City of Hoboken’s inability to protect our spectators, bands and participants led us to this heartbreaking decision.

The parade committee is proud of its traditions and the countless Hobokenites who were honored to march down Washington Street over the years. Since 1986, the first Saturday in March has been a glorious day to honor Saint Patrick and our Irish heritage. We are forever indebted to our long-time sponsors, neighbors and friends who came out to enjoy the day each year.

(Here’s what Howard Stern had to say about our parade)

For those who were not here in the beginning, or think that 26 years is not long enough of a tradition, we remind all that the parade was a strong catalyst in the revitalization of the Hoboken we love so dearly today. There are many opinions on this topic and many who will be surprised by our decision. We chose not to go to court and not to continue to negotiate over the heavy-handedness of one person. The idea of marching in a parade, in the dark, on a week night, is as insulting as it is unreasonable. While we remain devoted to our heritage, we love our city too much to lower ourselves to the level of those who speak from a place of ignorance and ethnic/religious intolerance.

Moving forward, we will proudly consider the gracious invitations we have received from other communities throughout the State of New Jersey to march in their celebrations of Irish heritage. Evidently, there are some elected officials elsewhere in the state who have figured out how to protect their residents during ethnic, religious and other community celebrations.

Like our ancestors before us, some of whom are credited with building Hoboken, we are not “St. Patrick’s Day Irish.” We are committed, proud, and blessed with long memories.

As is our tradition, we cordially invite everyone to worship with us at our Irish Mass honoring Saint Patrick on Saturday, February 25th at 5:00 p.m. at Our Lady of Grace Roman Catholic Church.

Until we meet again, “May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always your back …”

Sincerely yours,
Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade Committee

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4 years 5 months ago

The drummers made this mayor dance to THEIR tune because of her arrogance. THEY made her supply police protection. THEY made her provide porta-pottys. THEY told her where they were going to celebrate. THEY told her with or without a parade they’d come. THEY made her pay for the additional day clean up. The My Way or No Way attitude of this mayor cost the taxpayers a bundle, and it will continue to cost us for her next “planned” celebration and probably again on March 17th. Her “best” lawyers will now be stacking up more overtime for challenges to police ticketing and fines. And the ignorant bobbleheads continue to wonder why the minority council refuses to transfer line item funds to pay for these outrageous attorney fees. Looks like anoter special council meeting is in store. All this because a parade was cancelled that only hurt the good residents and children of our community.

4 years 5 months ago

Everybody knows that the mayor screwed up real bad, and her screw up is known to the entire country thanks to the media. This fool should realize that she is the object of national attention and chances are that she will be interviewed by all the networks to be air across the country. And you would think that she would at least look presentable but no she looked like she had a wig she bought at a 99 cents store,and to put it a nice as possible she looked like shit. Maybe some one has with connection that channel take does make overs can get her on that show , he women needs.

4 years 5 months ago

Zimmer screwed a lot of local business in town by cancelling the parade. Uptown bars were empty and many fast food restaurants saw their numbers halved from last year. Does the Mayor know there is still a recession going on?

4 years 5 months ago

Mayor’s wisdom

Thought cancelling the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, would curtail the disorderly conduct that taks place during the parade. As though the parade is the root of the problem.

Funny, in reviewing past Hoboken 411 Police Blogs, I do not recall reading about the arrest of a druken Bag Pippers, Twirlers, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, or Pedestrians watching the parade? So Dawn Zimmer in her infinite wisdom, cancelles the parade!

Glad to see the situation, seems to have gotten much worse!
Congratulations, Dawn and the Hoboken Keystone Cops, ruining a 25 year tradition!

4 years 5 months ago

From what I have been reading the cancellation of the parade has only stoke the fires of the indignant out of town people who will come in and act in a disgusting manner, thumb their noses at the local authority and completely insult the residents of this town. Just how much more security does Hoboken need every 1st Saturday of March? It’s a no-win situation! There is no need for the roudiness when they do come in, when they come in why not enjoy the festitivites of the day in a respectful manner instead of acting like it is the residents, local bar/business owners fault that we will not deal with their debauchery? What a disrespectful apathetic crowd this is! One day a year that was supposed to celebrate the heritage of a proud people has turned into a political battleground. JMPO but it is an immature way to get a message out, those visitors need a little more life experience. :0

4 years 5 months ago
,,,,and this “planned” cancellation also distracts residents from the request for more emergency funding to pay all the exorbitant fees to attorneys who are losing case after case in law suits. While zimmer distracts on this end, her nutty husband is taking on the Board of Education. They’ll play out this parade thing for weeks to come.[quote comment=”214225″]From what I have been reading the cancellation of the parade has only stoke the fires of the indignant out of town people who will come in and act in a disgusting manner, thumb their noses at the local authority and completely insult the residents of this town. Just how much more security does Hoboken need every 1st Saturday of March? It’s a no-win situation! There is no need for the roudiness when they do come in, when they come in why not enjoy the festitivites of the day in a respectful manner instead of acting like it is the residents, local bar/business owners fault that we will not deal with their debauchery? What a disrespectful apathetic crowd this is! One day a year that was supposed to celebrate the heritage of a proud people has turned into a political battleground. JMPO but… Read more »