Below is a letter from a Hoboken resident who is frustrated watching good local government entities getting things done – while in Hoboken, our amateur administration can’t make heads or tails of what should be slam dunk projects.

Hoboken lags behind when it comes to parks!

“Every morning I bike over to the Newport section of Jersey City and and am tortured by the sight of a beautiful new park being built. If you haven’t seen it go take a look.

Its across from the Target between Washington Blvd and the waterfront walkway. If you’re wondering why you may not know about it, there’s a good reason. The park has gone from start to near finish in a startling fast 4 months! State of the art play grounds, a large turf play surface, professionally landscaped, I could go on and one, but I’m making myself depressed. When it officially opens it will be one of the finest parks in this area. Go Jersey City!

Compared to Jersey City, Hoboken parks suck!

Contrast this with the state of our parks. Sinatra Park chained and off limits for the last three years. The Hoboken waterfront walkway falling into the river in some places, closed to the public in other areas for fear of falling in to the river! Uptown at the bridges, despite being remediated and ready to be a park for over year, we have a weed strewn lot instead of a badly needed athletic / multi-purpose field.

The Shop Rite Park a.k.a. “Pupies Park” seems to get smaller each time I go over there. On the recent Thanksgiving holiday a day when many get together for pre-meal game of football or soccer, our remaining athletic fields were chained shut forcing fathers, mothers, sons and daughters to scale the fences and become law breakers just to have a traditional pre-meal ball game. This isn’t just wrong, it’s un-American!

No more excuses – get the job done already!

Now we have all heard the reasons and excuses. Sinatra is unsafe and it takes time to get all the permits to make the repair…. Does the whole park hang over the river? Couldn’t we fence off the only the part that hangs over the river and safely use the rest? How can Stevens Institute finish their section of the walkway while Hoboken’s lay in disrepair? Same river? Same agencies? I don’t get it.

How can whole apartment buildings and developments be conceived built and rented faster than we seem to be able to get our parks repaired. I recently heard a council person say he didn’t like the fact that the park at 16th street wouldn’t be at street level. Really? Put everything on hold because one councilperson doesn’t like a design feature? We heard the same proposed park needs a traffic light. That can’t be right. It has a light at it’s SW corner. As a mater of fact you can walk to that “park” today via completely controlled intersections, traffic lights and all. I’m sure the businesses at that end of town would appreciate the crowds that a park would bring. Assuming the traffic light went in tomorrow are we 2, 3, 4 months from playing on that field. If it was in Newport I think yes. Weehawken, maybe. Hoboken? You tell me.

So Hoboken city government, executive and legistlative branches, reformers, minority, and whatever other group I left out, stop the bickering, stop the politicking, do the people’s business and get these parks done.

Or perhaps just call Jersey City and see how they did it.

A park deprived citizen of Hoboken.”