Things to watch out for when low carb living

Low carb living is fairly straightforward for the most part. Keep your blood sugar low by avoiding sugars, breads, starches – and enjoy a high-protein, high-fat diet.

Once you’ve settled into your low carb world – you begin spotting little speed bumps that you want to avoid to keep your body in ketosis as much as possible.

Here are a few tips that you can add to your low-carb files:

Avoid MSG at all costs

This means you need to read the labels of even so-called healthy foods. In addition to causing obesity, it’s also been linked to diabetes, headaches, and Alzheimer’s.

Called the “nicotine of food,” you’ll notice that you actually shovel the food almost like you’re obsessed.

For instance, I discovered that a once-favorite peanut brand I liked (Emerald Dry Roasted) contained MSG, and it became clear why I mindlessly popped them one after another. I switch to a better brand of peanuts (from The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg – delicious!) Note that while semi-low carb, peanuts in general should be eaten in very small amounts.

So read your labels, because MSG can also be called by other names, those tricky bastards!

Say NO to artificial sweeteners!

Tricking your body into thinking it’s getting calories is not a good idea. Diet soda, Nutrasweet, and the like actually promote weight gain and obesity.

See the study done by Yale University a couple years ago.

Yeah, it kinda sucks that our bodies crave sweet things, but over time you easily adapt to living without. I now enjoy coffee without any added sweetener. No sweat.

Skip the skim milk!

Just because skim milk is low in fat, doesn’t mean it’s any healthier. They process skim milk so much, and as a result it contains a lot of sugar (carbs). Plus you need to use a LOT more of it to get the “creaming effect” you’re looking for in your coffee.

Best alternative? Yep, HEAVY CREAM. A cup of skim milk has 12g of carbs, while heavy cream has ZERO. If heavy cream is not available, half & half is still better than skim (about 33% less carbs, and you’ll use much less).

Enjoy your low carb living!