Dr. Zaklama Dead

Found out today that the infamous Dr. Esmat Zaklama had passed away today.

He was known for his questionable capabilities as a landlord in Hoboken and beyond. He was the one that owned the Nardine’s building at 1st & Jackson that burnt to the ground a year ago.

Wonder what will happen with all the problems he left behind?

Here’s a video of him protesting some religious nonsense a couple years ago:

Photo: Fire ravages 87 Jackson St. in Hoboken


Hoboken411 reader Mike captured the fire at 87 Jackson Street at its peak:

Video: Hoboken Fire at 1st & Jackson

Hoboken411 reader Miriam sent this footage in from the scene of the fire.

Nardine’s burns to the ground in Hoboken, NJ

At around 8am this morning, a raging fire toasted the building at the corner of 1st & Jackson streets in Hoboken.

This building is the old Nardine’s that the controversial Dr. Zaklama was involved with.