Bike lane paint – necessary or misdirected priority in Hoboken?

Recently, some uptown back-roads (out of the 37 linear miles of streets) in Hoboken we “resurfaced.” What does that mean to you?

Well, for one instance – this stretch of land on Clinton St. between 15th & 16th Streets, not much – since it’s one of the LEAST traveled roads in town.

However, the city felt the need to spend taxpayer dollars on sophisticated bike lane markings on this hardly used piece of pavement. In fact, the last time I saw a “biker” on this road – I believe it was a circus midget riding a tricycle …

Either way – this just shows you that the city ignores the horrible potholes everywhere in Hoboken, but would rather waste your money on this stuff rather than take care of items that have a MUCH HIGHER PRIORITY TO VOTERS!

Bike racks coming just in time for winter!

Speaking of these bike lanes, we will all be blessed with about 25 new bike racks coming to the PATH station. They’ll be installed near the taxi-stand before the end of the year. That, along with about four-dozen new “hitches” that will be implemented on the poles that used to be parking meters (city-wide).

Every resident I spoke with said they had NO problem securing their bikes to trees or whatever poles or signs that exist already – as they have been in the past. This apparently is a giant waste of money, and more notches in the belt of faux environmental “goodness” for overpaid city officials. You, the taxpayer wonder why your bills are still sky high? Wonder no more.

Hoboken residents not buying into all of it

Below are some actual statements from local residents regarding transportation issues in Hoboken. Take them for what they’re worth…

  • My car was towed but I parked in a legal spot and have pics to prove it. I also have resident sticker. Help!
  • This is this a joke! I almost get hit by a car on a daily basis- as I walk everywhere in this town. These streets are dangerous!
  • Who cares? They shaft food trucks, and only support those that donate money to them. Do they forget they work for the public?

Have a nice day!