HUMC drops Aetna insurance in Hoboken – who’s next?

12/9/2011 Update:

Next on the list of in-network insurance carriers Hoboken University Medical Center (HUMC) has dropped is Aetna.

At this rate, they’ll stop accepting cash next – and only take gold ingots with Toni Tomarazzo’s face on it.

HUMC in Hoboken no longer accepts United Healthcare & others


As most of you know, the recent sale of Hoboken University Medical Center (HUMC) was not without great drama and controversy.

Adding to the list is that as of December 4, 2011 – HUMC no longer accepts United Healthcare / Oxford insurance as an “in network” provider. And from what I’m told, other major carriers (like Cigna for instance) are also out-of-network.

What a great deal for Hoboken residents! Is this part of a designed plan to cause the hospital to fail in order to speed up the “conversion to luxury condos” process?

Click the image below to read what United Healthcare sent out to customers this week.