Newly remodeled.


9/10/2007 Update:

Swung by Rogo’s for a quick beer yesterday to check out the lounge. It wasn’t “loungy” like I expected, but the bar had been remodeled adequately compared to before. Tons of TV’s on the first floor (I counted 13, but I may have missed some). Will have to come back to try the bar specials.


9/6/2007 Update:

The newly remodeled Rogo’s is hoping to have their “soft” opening this SUNDAY.

They’ll be working out some of the kinks with the huge remodeling prior to a legitimate “Grand Opening”. Be sure to call ahead just in case.

A few highlights about the new place:

  • New Web Site
  • New executive chef with a new menu
  • New drink menu and specials
  • New HD Flat Screens with HD feeds for all the games
  • Free WIFI hot spot so bring your lap top to stay up to date on your fantasy teams
  • New bar upstairs
  • New back room
  • And moreā€¦.


7/2/2007 Update:

411 reader “ahobokenguy” sent this note in, indicating that Rogo’s will be closed for the summer while they renovate.

“Hey There Mr. 411.

Rogo’s will be closing for the rest of the summer for major renovations. If you want to get your wings before football starts this Tuesday July 3rd is going to be your last chance. No, there was no change in owners and it is not going to be condos just a some needed updates, like flat screens and flooring. It probably won’t be as big a change as the Shannon but for those who like Rogo’s for what it is now they better get their fill this week. Thanks.”


Description – Bar, Pool, Beer Pong. Inexpensive Drinks
Services –
Bar, Pool, Private Parties,
Address –
734 Willow Ave, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4002
Telephone –
(201) 217-1512


August 2006

So after wing round 1, which 10th and Willow Bar and Grill barely won, we’re on to the next few places that are highly acclaimed in Hoboken for having “the best” wings in town.

Mind you, the term “best” is very personal and based on opinion only… I truly hate that phrase when speaking about opinions. If you want to say “the best home run hitter” you can look at statistics that tell no lie, but “best taste” is nothing that can be justified. So let’s move one here.

Went down to the local watering hole Rogo’s.. Tuesday night is the $0.20 wing night. Pretty much a bargain if you think about it. 10 wings for 2 bucks. Not bad.

First off, the bar is always relatively filled with people, which is good. Except Monday’s.. which suck, but wait till Monday Night Football!


The bartender we had, Brendan, was quick and knew what our drink preferences were within 5 minutes. That’s the sign of a good bartender. Someone who is no nonsense, personable and quick. A+ to him.

For purpose of this review, ordered a few of each kind of wing. BBQ, Teriyaki and Hot Wings. They all came out in a foil-lined basket with celery and bleu cheese dip.


The wings were terrific. Each wing I tried was cooked to perfection. Meat fell off, and was crispy and delicious. Although I was not a big fan of the Teriyaki. It was relatively boring and tasteless. The BBQ wings were much better. Had a hot yet sweet taste. The Hot wings were just like you’d expect. Spicy, yet not overwhelmingly hot to the point of burning your taste buds. Big points for them.

Each basket came with celery and bleu cheese dip. The dip was perfect, not some phony dressing thickened with some mystery agent. Just right.

The crowd was very nice and normal as well. Much better than the typical near-the-PATH type crowd, where just plain annoying behavior presides… this neighborhood bar is just people hanging out having a good time with one another. I like that.


Overall, this is a great night to come down to Rogo’s. They have pitchers of beer available for cheap, and the food from the kitchen was better than you’d expect. It’s very recommended!

Check out their other specials during the week and pay them a visit!


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167 Comments on "Rogo’s"

9 years 9 months ago

great place for flip cup!

9 years 8 months ago

miss the old $.10 wings, boy how things have changed

9 years 6 months ago

The price may have gone up but they are still the best wings in town .20 wings on Tues. Fridays are a blast in the fall with dollar drinks but things seem a little slow in the summer. Beer pong in the back a few nights a week with pitcher specials Thur/Sat. $5 get you a great bugger fries and a beer on Wed nights. Saturdays they have $25 all you can eat wings and drink domestic drafts durring college football. And sundays they have enough TVs for every game. Great core staff who knows the local crowd.

9 years 6 months ago

Great place to watch the NFL.. normal sized crowds, Bartenders/Wait staff are friendly, very good bar food.. Pool Table in back needs work but all in all a quality neighborhood place

9 years 6 months ago

ooh a bugger. yum!