¿Dónde está la ciudad de Hoboken?

More Spanish Dunkin’ Donuts adverts in Hoboken, NJ

I still don’t get this. You look at the “demographics” in Hoboken – and you’d think that any marketing manager with half a brain wouldn’t approve such an advertisement. But they continue to this day.

“Excuse me, can you please give me directions to America?”

Spanish billboard Hoboken NJ dunkin donuts

Unusual Billboard for Hoboken, NJ

12/7/2011 Update:

As all of you know, there are several Dunkin’ Donuts locations throughout Hoboken. Do you wonder why the decision was made to put a Spanish billboard at 8th & Willow?

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8 Responses

  1. Hoboken Husker says:

    Umm, because some Hoboken residents speak/read Spanish as their first language?

  2. klaatu says:

    I don’t know why but for some reason every billboard they put in that location is always in Spanish.

  3. mooshu says:

    Because we’re being tested on whatever we learned in high school, silly.

    • wiskeytango1 says:

      If you go to any foreign country you would have a tough time grabbing a bite at a bistro ..If you go to cancun grocery store most items are in Spanish..When immigrants came to the USA around 1900..they had to learn english..not easy many germans sponsered Italians and jewish people.. One country,English as the first language..In high school we could choose french italian spanish..It’s an asset to know other languages but , screw the aclu..English as the first language.. 😛 [quote comment=”212747″]Because we’re being tested on whatever we learned in high school, silly.[/quote]

  4. nickwu says:

    My guess is that Dunkin “corporate” is subscribing to some stale demographic data on Hudson county. In jersey city a few years ago, downtown, living in nice neighborhood of brownstones and such, I used to get these stray credit card offers in the mail which were clearly targeted to a low-income, non native-english speaking target market. Or perhaps they know that the they’ve got one demo locked down in hoboken, and they want to target the other portion away from McDonalds.

  5. animal_lover says:

    That may be a beacon for good spanish/cuban coffee and chocolate. I want to go to that location as they might have a more authentic and flavorful brew than the watery you find at many locations.

    BTW, I think your dog could easily interpret the billboard. We should petition the city to use the designer of the board to construct our street signs – there is such gobalygock on those Muni metTers and street signs.

  6. HansBrix says:

    Since the fire under the melting pot has been out for at least 40 years, and since multicultists frown on assimilation, you can expect more cocooned ethnics from whom businesses want to extract revenues.

    So you can also expect to see this more and more, along with less social cohesion.

  7. toms_el_bavaro says:

    Maybe we should start with the missuse of the word latte. Why abuse an Italian word for mlk to order a coffee destroyed with all sort of sweet stuff to be drunk out of a cardboard cup and then complain about the use of some Spanish word!

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