Quiet Woman – Northern Soul

6/10/2008 Video:

What do you get when you stop by Northern Soul on their Grand Opening night, take only 12 quick segments of video, and leave after two beers towards the next destination?

Another quality Hoboken411 video production:

Northern Soul Hoboken – Grand Opening from Hoboken411 on Vimeo.

Stop by for a beer soon. You’d be pleased with their diverse selection of tap and bottled beers, unlike most typical taverns.

See location, and other info after the jump…

6/5/2008 Update:

Nice to have some fresh blood in the neighborhood!


Grand Opening Party Tonight!

Date: Tonight, Thursday, June 5th
Time: 8 till late
Address: 557 1st st. Hoboken, NJ, 07030
“Please join us for our grand opening party, a very soulful celebration of 1st streets newest establishment. The festivities will include dj’s, hors d’oeuvres, drinks promotions and giveaways. Feel free to pass this email on to any of your friends. See ya there! Cheers, Marc and John.”

3/19/2008 Update:

Ok, not breaking news (who ever said 411 was a newspaper anyway?), but the old Quiet Woman quietly has new owners, and will be changing the name to “Northern Soul.” While that sounds more like a band name, I’m sure they wanted to establish a new identity for the place.

From what I heard, some renovations are planned to spruce up the place, and have already even installed a new red felt on the pool table.

Description – Irish Pub in the back of town.
Services – Bar, jukebox, darts, pool table, live music.
Address – 557 1st St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-963-9122

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73 Comments on "Quiet Woman – Northern Soul"

9 years 15 days ago

Not impressed at all and will never go back. I did try to give this place a chance, especially since it is so close to where I live. Sadly, I found the drinks less than desirable, the bartenders more interested in talking with their friends than serving patrons and were very rude when other patrons asked to be served. I also witnessed a bartender coldly refuse to serve a woman that came in for a drink (let me add that the woman was with a man and they both appeared to be stone sober). They only asked to buy a… Read more »

9 years 14 days ago

I like to try and support my local bars, and often head to the Quiet Woman.

It is a sh’t hole, the bar tenders can be rude and inattentive, I have no idea how they are still in business but they serve a good pint of Guinness, they have a pool table and dart board and the town would be a little worse if it wasn’t there.

8 years 11 months ago

Although I am not a bartender at the Quiet Woman, I am a bartender in Hoboken. The bartenders at the QW are good guys. I doubt they would ever disrespect a patron, simply because not many people go there to begin with. Drinking establishments shoud be places where people go to enjoy themselves and act accordingly. You should see some of the mess that bartenders deal with on a daily basis. Its a shame that 21 to 35 year olds dont know how to behave in public. Walk a mile in a bartenders shoes, not only will your feet be… Read more »

8 years 11 months ago

I have been in here a few times and live about a block away. I have to say every time I have been here they have been more then friendly.
Might I also add that they have the best Guinness in town!

8 years 10 months ago

I always wondered why there’s so much bar politics at this joint. I’ve seen and heard lots of blarney about certain patrons. Not sure why the bartenders even care about who comes in or out. Everybody gets drunk now and then and says or does something that might offend but by morning all is forgotten right? I’ve bartended many long nights and have desensitized myself to the comments and actions of one to many drunkards…they usually come back and apologize! My review…cute regulars, great jukebox, a nice bar pie. Lighten up!