At what point do “Superheroes” do more harm than good?

Wow – it seems that almost every community these days has their own “Superhero” milling around for one reason or another.

For instance – Hudson County has it’s own Batman that makes his way to Hoboken nearly every day. Sometimes directing traffic, but more often testing to make sure the ear-drums of the general population are working by honking his horn incessantly.

You might have read that one crazy “superhero” in Seattle named “Phoenix Jones” was arrested earlier this week for meddling in what he thought was a street fight, but instead shot pepper spray all over the place and got kicked by a lady with high heels. Doesn’t sound like a superhero act to me.

For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, should find a way to watch the HBO Documentary “Superheroes” one day. A fascinating look into the psyche of a few of these costumed characters. Worth your time to see it:

Additionally, I found this Video Blog which reviewed the documentary kind of funny:

Do you think these “superheroes” do any good? Or do they just get in the way of qualified law enforcement professionals?