Farside hosts Saturday Blues Jam in Hoboken, NJ

After the Hoboken Saturday Afternoon Blues Jam fizzled out over at Scotland Yard – they had a brief stint over at Hotel Victor across the street. Well that didn’t last long either – as they had to be cut due to the utter lack of visitors that came to town with the PATH train down for the count.

They happily found a new home for the time being over at Farside Bar (531 Washington St.). So if you’re in the mood for some blues to listen to while you down your drinks – head over tomorrow afternoon starting at 4pm!


No more Blues Jams at Scotland Yard in Hoboken?

9/20/2011 Update:

A Hoboken411 reader sent an email that the long running Saturday Blues Jam over at the Scotland Yard (72 Hudson St.) is no more.

Apparently a dispute between the ownership and the guys that ran the jam led to the discontinuation. No word on whether anyone is picking up a similar gig, or if it’s relocating to a new venue.

Kutiman: YouTube Mashups – the best use ever of the internet

Speaking of music – and in order to make this post more complete, let me remind you of probably the single most entertaining and fulfilling things I’ve ever found on the internet.

Two and a half years ago, I shared Thru-You with Hoboken411 readers. A collection of outstanding musical video “mashups” made entirely with YouTube clips. To this day, I still find it my #1 favorite “by-product” of the information age. Sheer brilliance in my opinion.

Sadly, my busy schedule leaves me less time to surf or “check” things I used to, but this post somehow brought back memories, and I was pleased to see YouTube user Kutiman has been making more videos, including this phenomenal mashup of Led Zeppelin Black Dog – using only amateur video recordings. (You should check out the history of that song – I’ll bet anything it’s 100x more interesting than the history of any Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber “song.”)

I have much respect for the brain and talent of this individual (and to the users who provided the material!) Enjoy!