Mayor Zimmer & Council Allies: “Threats of gun violence are okay!”

Hoboken Zoning Board of Adjustments member Nancy Pincus recently said publicly that she wanted to be on the FBI – and that she “would really want to shoot someone.”

She also stated publicly that she wanted to pull the trigger of a gun at the homes of both public officials and private residents that don’t agree with Mayor Zimmer. This follows up an outstanding track record of publicly displaying Nazi hate imagery and fecal soup.

Letter: Hoboken has become morally bankrupt

“When did “I’ve always wanted to shoot someone” become acceptable dialogue between a government official and the public?

In a time when anti-bullying laws are sweeping national headlines and the state of New Jersey is leading the way on its anti-bullying “zero tolerance” measures and law enforcement is investigating all threats of violence in print and online, Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her council allies Ravi Bhalla, Carol Marsh, Peter Cunningham, Dave Mello and Jen Giattino are taking Hoboken back to the dark ages, not only looking the other way, but encouraging their hardcore supporters to incite violence. How so? By allowing Zoning Board member, Nancy Pincus, to have the right to say whatever she wants, even if what she’s saying violates someone else’s civil liberties (i.e. A threat of force is a violation of civil liberties.)

At Wednesday night’s council meeting we saw the inaction of the Zimmer council majority again at play. Instead of standing up for what’s right, they hid behind their lame “defense” of Pincus. Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin called for a closed session to “protect a city employees rights” – and now we have a government body condoning not only racist propaganda, but violent threats as well!

Remember during Zimmer’s mayoral campaign when she and her team announced that they would cast the net far and wide for qualified and talented people to hire and appoint to all of the government positions? Well, they scraped the bottom of the barrel when they appointed Pincus. Why do they keep her on? Because Pincus does their dirty work, the things the Zimmer majority think are beneath them. While they spout off about “civil discourse” and bringing everyone together and unifying Hoboken they have Nancy Pincus contradicting everything that they say they stand for.

(When called to vote on whether to remove Ms. Pincus from the Zoning Board – the video clip below clearly shows that 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino is a puppet for the Zimmer administration and allies – as Carol Marsh immediately tells her how to vote like talking down to a child):

What if they were targets of Pincus’ shooting fantasies?

“Perhaps Councilmen Mello and Cunningham would be more concerned if the tables were turned. If Pincus publicly said she’d fire shots at the Wallace School, a home on Garden Street, and a condo in the Sky Club, would her threats be taken more seriously? Or at least recognized as “behavior unfit of a government official?” Would parents at Wallace find this funny? Would Cunningham and Mello find it funny that the homes of their families were proposed targets of gun violence?

Heck, Mello was offended by a Halloween Decoration last year!

But let’s simplify this further. Many Zimmer supporters are trying to “minimize” this latest Pincus incident by categorizing her as a “harmless nut job” who thinks she’s funny. What makes them qualified to say this? They should ask the people at Virginia Tech, Tucson-AZ, Utoeya-Norway, Littleton-CO, and any community that has dealt with a person who was a “harmless nut job,” how that worked out for them. The recent shooting in Carson City, Nevada was committed by a man with no record of violence. He wasn’t on anyone’s radar. Nancy Pincus, on the other hand, claims it’s just a joke.

Here’s a reminder to Ravi Bhalla, Peter Cunningham, Carol Marsh, Dave Mello and Jen Giattino: You serve the public, not Zimmer, not yourselves. The public. You owe it to the public to appoint top notch representatives to the Zoning Board of Adjustments and all municipal boards. You failed big time. Not only did you fail, you just told every Hoboken resident that the venomous garbage that comes out of Nancy Pincus’ mouth, including her threats of gun violence, are more important than the public’s right to be represented by a person of high caliber and exceptional character on the ZBA. And now the public knows that this administration cannot truly favor reform or good government if it continues to look the other way while one of its own appointees carries on with a very public position of violence towards others. And Zimmer’s political operatives don’t help, since they have become such blindly devoted and brainwashed followers that they cannot even open their eyes and see the the hypocrisy behind the administration’s corrupt actions.

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2. Debased in character.

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