Hungover from Irene

Irene is done & gone – time to move on!

Hoboken411 is totally OVER Hurricane Irene.

But in case you missed it – below you can find a comprehensive list of the coverage, photos and videos published here over the past week. One for the history books (which will now be closed, thank you very much…)

Hurricane Irene stories in Hoboken, NJ – August 2011

  • Hurricane Irene HerselfHoboken411 began storm advisories 72 hours before any other media outlet!
  • Flood Map – Letting residents know what to expect depending on the storm intensity.
  • Hurricane Poll – Thousands of Hoboken residents shared their thought about what to expect from the storm – see the results!
  • Stay or go? – Residents debated toughing the storm out or jumping ship.
  • Preventing thirst – A tip about saving money during the mad rush to stock up on water.
  • What about your pets? – Dogs in Hoboken have to go outside to relieve themselves, regardless of the weather!
  • Dangerous Projectiles – Some folks were worried that not everything was done for safety purposes.
  • PSE&G Hype Release – The local power company “prepared” people by saying power could be out for 3 weeks!
  • High on dope – take a swim during a hurricane! – Hoboken police arrested two drugged up imbeciles who decided to jump into the Hudson River to make a YouTube video. I started a Hoboken Hurricane Blotter – but “down trees” was getting mind-numbing to type…
  • Garden State of Emergency – Governor Christie put New Jersey in virtual lock-down mode.

Hurricane Irene Videos

Hurricane Irene Photo Galleries

Seriously – I think I need a colon cleansing, a marathon yoga session and like 10 massages after all this Hurricane Irene talk. OVER!

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411 for mayor..go go perry..


Understandably, downtown Harrison St. is one of the worst areas in the city for flooding…which is why I’m ultimately suprised at the lack of coverage of this flood plagued zone. There’s still knee deep water in this area and significant property damage. Irene is far from gone and her effects will be felt for some time to come. Any Harrison Street updates will be greatly appreciated.


Can I just say…Bravo! Well done 411!