Beach Bum Tanning – Doomed

Beach Bum Tanning Closes in Hoboken, NJ

Well, another Hoboken business closed up shop recently – this time Beach Bum Tanning at 114 Sinatra Drive has shut down. Is it the economy or another case of the landlord jacking the rent to unconscionable levels?

A sign on the window says that those who have packages or memberships can use any other Beach Bum Tanning location. Not so convenient for those without cars. There are however, a few locations in Manhattan – as well as one up the road in Edgewater.

You can call their Northvale location at (201)297-7363 for more information or to express your gripes.

With Bronze Republic also closing a month ago, the tanning options in Hoboken are getting thin! Is this a trend?

Tanning just in time for beach weather!


They now have over 15 locations in the tri-state area.

Description – Gamma Rays now available for purchase!
Website –
Address – 114 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone- (888)786-8266 or (888)SUN-TANN

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8 Comments on "Beach Bum Tanning – Doomed"

9 years 9 months ago

Nice place, but a bit over priced. Their introductory rate of 14.95 for one month unlimited is pretty good though.

8 years 10 months ago

the p-90 works wonders!

8 years 3 months ago

got an airbrush tan on friday for a wedding on saturday. it was my first time ever getting airbrushed, and they did make me feel comfortable. $20 for a new customer with coupon (usually $45 i think). the girl who did it missed a spot under my arm, but other than that i was very happy with the results. not orange or streaky. very professional – i would do it again.

7 years 9 months ago

I went here on Saturday to get the airbrush tan done for an event I had to attend on Sunday. Unbelievable! I wasn’t orange, or streaky, and I still have quite a bit of color. I will definitely do this again.

My only concern, hopefully I didn’t scar the young girl who did the airbrushing for life! It must be uncomfortable for her to spray tan people like that. 😳

4 years 4 months ago

Just go to Planet Sun. With an uptown and downtown location…its a better choice anyway. They dont do the airbrush, but they have the more private Mystic which is fantastic. They’ve been around forever and aren’t going anywhere with your money! :mrgreen: