Can you control your dog’s biological functions?

Here’s a brief update to the Hoboken “curb your dog” file.

This precious garden style apartment along Madison Street is surrounded by a metal gate. And inside that gate is a few feet of grass. Would have looked great as is – but no. Whomever is in charge of the property must hate dogs. Because they’ve made the entire site look very ugly by putting numerous identical signs around it that read:

“Please Don’t Water Our Lawn (dog ban symbol) Kindly Curb Your Dog.”

I can understand attempting to respect their grass by walking as far away from it as possible – but then you run the risk of your dog (or dogs) peeing on one of the parked cars! I mean it’s not like our dogs can tell us exactly when or where they’re going to piss – or even why for that matter (marking territory, bladder pain, etc.) They just go when they want to go – and it’s just cruel to try and make them stop.

Perhaps if these folks are hell-bent on ensuring no stray urine makes it inside their precious blades of grass, they should have put a massive brick wall up around the perimeter. Problem solved.

Curb your dog sign Hoboken NJ Madison Street

Does curb your dog mean “number 2″ and “number 1″ in Hoboken?

7/15/2013 Update:

Dog walking in Hoboken can be a bit confusing for some pooch owners, especially if a business-owner screams at you for dog piss and “curb your dog!”

See what experience one resident had as she walked around midtown last week…

Curb your dog in Hoboken NJ piss

Where are the dogs supposed to pee anyway?

“I was walking my dog past John the Florist on 4th between Bloomfield and Garden this morning, and when my dog peed on the street, I hear a man yelling behind me “REALLY?! Right in front of my place of [expletive] business?” Then, as I’m still walking away, I hear this same voice yelling at me, calling me a [expletive] idiot for letting my dog pee on the street.

I’m sure you’re aware that John the Florist is located directly across from the Church Square dog park, and right in between the dog-friendly Empire Coffee and the Hoboken Dog Wash. I am still confused as to why this guy was so surprised to see a dog pee on the street… And in Hoboken, of all places, where so many residents own dogs, and such a large number of establishments are dog-friendly!? I guarantee you my dog was not the first, and will not be the last, to pee in that exact spot.

Since I didn’t really feel like engaging in a screaming match with a total stranger at 11am in the morning, I pretended like I didn’t hear him and just kept walking. However, I was still so perplexed by his aggressive and unprofessional attitude (ironically, right in front of his “place of business”) that by the time I got home, that I placed a phone call to the company and got a hold of the guy who admitted to calling me a [expletive] idiot. I apologized to him but I also wanted to ask why he was so surprised to see a dog relieve himself while out on a walk with his owner. especially since this place is only a stone’s throw from the dog park, Hoboken Dog Wash and a number of other dog-friendly establishments nearby.

This guy’s response was that he worked for the city for many years, and apparently “if he wanted to be a d!ck” (his words), he would have called the police and had me cited for a $300 fine for “failing to curb your dog.”

As a responsible dog owner and a human being, I too am disgusted when dog owner’s fail to clean up after their pets. No one wants to step in feces, obviously. However, I truly am curious about what the law is with regard to dog urine? (File that under “Questions I never thought I’d have to ask!”) I thought “curbing your dog” referred mostly to #2, which should be obviously scooped up by the owner and discarded appropriately… but what am I supposed to do if my dog wants to pee on the side walk, or (gasp!) a tree or a fire hydrant? Was I actually in the wrong, or was this guy completely out of line?”

Confusion from the get-go for “curb your dog”

8/2/2011 Original story:

The phrase “curb your dog” was first used in the 1930′s – when New York City had one of the first laws on the books regarding dog “by-products.”

However, even back then – there was a bit of confusion regarding what it really meant. Was it “keep your dog from being unruly?” or “have the dog poop to the side or in the gutter?” When someone tells you to “curb your enthusiasm,” I’m sure you don’t think you should re-locate to another place.

I for one, am fairly certain that back in the day no one picked up dog poop. No one. They were just encouraged to let Fido do it in a place where people typically didn’t walk.

But today, everyone and their brother is so afraid of the big, bad poop – but they still use out-dated terminology! Take these signs at the pier near Maxwell Place. On the 3′ high shrubbery section, there are signs that say “curb your dog.” Well, the only thing resembling a curb on this concrete paradise – is the damn shrubbery section itself!

Are you supposed to hoist your pooches up there to do their business?