Lackawanna Terminal Ceremony

5/11/2008 Update:

While I was listening to Eddie’s insane guitar riffs at the Van Halen concert this past Friday, a Hoboken411 reader was kind enough to document the clock tower lighting ceremony at Pier A. Here’s their recap:


Lights, Camera, Action!

“It was a cold and rainy evening on Pier A as the long awaited lighting ceremony of the Erie Lackawanna clock tower and ferry terminal got underway. The weather probably kept a lot of people away, but those who did made their way from the NJ Transit train terminal waiting room braving wind and water to the tip of Pier A, where a tent was set up for the festivities. Speakers included Mayor David Roberts, who spoke of the legacy of former NJ Transit Executive Director George Warrington, who spearheaded the terminal rehab, but sadly passed away before he could see the new clock tower rise over Hoboken.

Roberts also alluded to his plan to see “buildings rise above” the train terminal, noting Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy was also at the ceremony. Many people are concerned about what Roberts may have agreed to in exchange for getting the clock tower built. Rumors of buildings 40, 50, and even 70 stories tall over the rail yards have people concerned about what is to come, but for last night people just came to enjoy the lighting ceremony.


NJ Transit Executive Director Richard Sarles also spoke, as did Congressman Albio Sires. City Council members Peter Cammarano, Terry LaBruno, Beth Mason, Ruben Ramos and Michael Russo attended as well, along with retiring county freeholder Maurice Fitzgibbons. When the switch was flipped the Clock Tower and Erie Lackawanna sign came on first, as other lights took a while to warm up. There were smiles all around as the lights came up to full brightness and people enjoyed the view. It really does look spectacular!”


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5/8/2008 Update:

2008-2009 may be a shatter all the ribbon-cutting, PR opportunity records in Hoboken.

Activate the clock tower, Hal

Mayor David Roberts and various other politicos such as NJ Governor Jon Corzine, Senator Bob Menendez, Representative Ablio Sires, along with NJ Transit Officials will “plug in” the fully restored Lackawanna Plaza Clock Tower tomorrow night.

At 8pm, just after a couple speeches proclaiming the preservation of Hoboken history, thanking those involved and posing for the cameras (those pics will appear immediately on the Hoboken city website), they’ll do a count-down and the tower will be lit up. Clapping will ensue, along with some milling, chatting and sound bites. Then, everyone will go out and get drunk.

I outlined exactly what will happen, so now you can go about your usual plans. I’ll be at a Van Halen concert, which is most likely much more fun, regardless of how old they are.



Here’s a slick 30-second slide show..

4/3/2008 Update:

Top of tower now complete. More shots later. Thanks, Carl for the pic!


4/1/2008 Update:

Hoboken411 reader Michael sent this cameraphone pic in just as the lookout portion of the Lackawanna Clock Tower was being installed today.

“Tippy Top” going up next.


3/31/2008 Update:

Word from “The Steeple People” putting up the new clock tower is the big crane is due back today (Monday) so it can be in place to move the lookout tower portion up on top of the clock on Tuesday, That will be followed by the raising of the final pieces on Wednesday, weather permitting. Crews worked last week on putting all the newly delivered pieces together in advance of final assembly. The final touches will be put on the clock tower ahead of an official ribbon cutting-type VIP event in May. Hopefully they will turn the clock on sooner than that!

3/25/2008 Update:

The final pieces to the Lackawanna Clock Tower arrived today!

11/12/2007 Update:

As soon as it started, the weather became very inclement, so the “hoisting and positioning” had to stop. They got close, though.


Update: They’re lifting the clock NOW. Police say “Crowd gathering”.

Is this that exciting? It’s not like they’re doing anything cool, like imploding a hotel or something.


This afternoon (weather permitting), the 15-ton clock portion of the tower at Lackawanna plaza is scheduled to be installed. Joy.


Here’s a surreal look at these clock tower segments getting aligned for the upcoming installation. Can’t wait!

When this clock tower is complete, I have to say that my stay in Hoboken is pretty much complete. I can go anywhere in the world now!


6/19/2007 Update:

Here’s some progress shots of the clock tower getting built at the train terminal.

Here’s a little update regarding the renovations over at the Lackawanna Train/Ferry terminal. It’s taking forever, but they’ve made some progress. Up next, the costly clock tower that will beautify it even more.


See some older pictures of the construction below.

From 3/27/2006:

From 7/7/2006:

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83 Comments on "Lackawanna Terminal Ceremony"

8 years 9 months ago

A drab and uninspired facade. Great. What a joke.

What are they planning for that section? A docking station for ferries?

8 years 9 months ago

yeah this building has so much potential but it is being underutilized and the resotration is taking forever.

They were originally suppose to have the terminal fully finished in time for the 100 year celebration which was suppose to be this big event. That got botched of course and instead it was a small event with some cake and mayor roberts buddies.

8 years 9 months ago

It’s only a matter of time before a giant condo tower is erupting on top of this historic site…

8 years 9 months ago

What a shame. This is such a prime location for what could’ve been an amazing rennovation. I was hoping they would create some retail space there on two floors and windows across the entire eastern wing of the building – perhaps even a really nice restaurant there overlooking the water.

But wait, what am I thinking?!? This is Hoboken, a town that re-elects unelectables.

8 years 9 months ago

[quote comment=”26171″]yeah this building has so much potential but it is being underutilized and the resotration is taking forever.

They were originally suppose to have the terminal fully finished in time for the 100 year celebration which was suppose to be this big event. That got botched of course and instead it was a small event with some cake and mayor roberts buddies.[/quote]

Hey spoon, they had cupcakes, and I heard they were delicious!!