Is Hoboken Batman DONE?

Hoboken Batman is OVER; leaves town – will crime increase?

Hoboken Batman was spotted leaving Hoboken earlier tonight. One passerby said “Oh no, crime will definitely increase now!”

(Of course crime will increase! It always does as the crowds in town get more drunk – Batman or not!)

Has Hoboken Batman outlived his usefulness?

Some of us who have called 07030 their zip code for a long time – and happen to be within earshot of the Hoboken Batman – are starting to think the “novelty” of this character is OVER.

Many residents hear his incessant horn-honking day in and day out – and don’t really think it’s amusing, funny or the slightest bit interesting anymore. Not with such “horn-honking frequency.” It’s like watching the same 80’s sitcom episode every single solitary day. No, we’re not grumpy – we just enjoy mixing things up.

Imagine if some punk at your office pulled the “What’s on your shirt (poke your nose)” shtick every day? Same thing.

Hoboken Batman nearly causes 3-car accident by being stupid

Hoboken411 reader Jeremy sent an email in last night – a message a friend had sent to him from one of the social networks:

“I don’t normally rant about anyone or anything, but tonight one person pissed me off. HOBOKEN BATMAN PERSON, I HATE YOU!!! You dressed in black and almost caused a 3 car accident (including me) tonight by stupidly trying to bike your way through a high traffic intersection when the cars had the green light. If I didn’t stop you from crossing the intersection, you could have been killed. You owe me one!”

Do you love, hate or could care less about Hoboken Batman?

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  1. gehrig97 says:

    He’s not done. Saw him twice on Sinatra last night–with Robin and Flash in tow (really).

    • lucarelj says:

      Yep, saw them going up and down Washington yesterday. Robin looked like he’s been skipping those superhero workout sessions though.[quote comment=”208541″]He’s not done. Saw him twice on Sinatra last night–with Robin and Flash in tow (really).[/quote]

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