Feral Cats abound

Hoboken isn’t alone with Feral Cats!

Hoboken411 doesn’t really have a position on these Feral Cats that pepper our neighborhoods. It is what it is. Some folks make it their life-long mission, while others feel they’re bad for our environment. I’m not playing that game…

But on a recent waterfront walk which took me miles up the Hudson to Edgewater, NJ – I spotted this whole crew of wild cats living under a strip mall on River Road. Some cats were completely un-fluttered by people walking by.

Which made me wonder. Does anyone know why they have those “Trap, Neuter, Return” programs – and not “Trap, Neuter and ADOPT?” Why do they throw them back in the wild? These kitties seem like they’d make great house guests. Why not?

Uptown Hoboken is Feral Cat infested

As you might know – the construction area uptown is home to many feral cats.

Happened to be walking the pooch there the other day when that lady feeds those felines as well. The cats come out to greet the woman – and some kitties were pretty much unfazed that Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar was going berserk.

In case you’re interested in helping these homeless pussycats – the next Neighborhood Feral Cat Workshop is on July 9th.

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15 Comments on "Feral Cats abound"

4 years 7 months ago

Love this video! Those cats seem like they’re drugged but Oscar looks far from it!

4 years 7 months ago

we have a terrible problem with feral cats currently. my problem with the (well meaning) feral cat intiative, is that (i believe) they return the cats to the streets after they are fixed. the problem is, the cats are filthy (they sh*t in my gardens), aggressive (one recently attacked my (leashed) dog (an old chihuahua), they tear up trash, and pee all over the outside of our house.

we are animal lovers – 2 cats, one dog, and one toddler – but i can’t take the wild cats anymore!

4 years 7 months ago

I’ve seen these cats near Hudson Tea. I just found out about a colony living down near Jackson around 6th/7th. I agree with Cap that while they TNR program is great in keeping down the population, is there anything else that can be done? Is there a better maintained colony that these cats can be transferred to that isn’t so residential? Safer for both residents and the cats??

4 years 7 months ago

These cats were really cute as kittens. I’d seen them last fall and into winter, cans of catfood all over the place.

4 years 6 months ago

Trapping and/or sterilizing as a solution is a failed concept from Day-One. There are now about 150M feral-cats just in the USA, and 86M pet-cats (60M of which are still allowed to kill all wildlife), this means the population is already oversaturated for a long time. Nobody wants more than 86M cats for pets. There’s only 311M people in the USA. 2 cats exist for every 3 people, from infant to senior. Thanks to those who outlawed destroying them in a more efficient, often more-humane, and more cost-effective manner by shooting. While they also promoted their slow, random-chance, inefficient, and… Read more »