Hoboken parking bollards made useless by double parkers

Hoboken411 reader Nancy was concerned that even though Hoboken has implemented parking bollards at some intersections to prevent parking – and increase visibility, that it may be causing other safety issues as well.

“The parking bollards that were installed on the NE corner of 12th and Adams next to the Dunkin Donuts have the unintended consequence of pushing the double-parked cars even further into the road, blocking cars going straight down Adams. See my attachment as illustration.

As you can’t turn right on Adams from 12th as 12th goes east, cars parked temporarily near the corner were really not causing any hardship. However, now it is very risky to pass the protruding car, especially if someone else is parked across the street – never mind people holding coffee cups trying to navigate to the door of their car in the middle of the road!

How could we ask to have those parking posts removed for safety? I think they are not really working as intended!”