(start sappiness)

borat-i-like-hoboken.jpgOK, a little short-sightedness caused the creation of a new posting called “Rant Corner”. That was done in order to give people an NC-17 place for them to express themselves, let some steam off, complain and be negative all they want. Technically, it was meant to be fun, and you’re not supposed to take it too seriously. It probably contains some bad language and more, and isn’t meant for everyone. The trash-talking section of 411, so to say.

A reader suggested a “politically correct” posting so the shiny happy aspects of Hoboken can be discussed and we can all get teary-eyed and filled with love, joy and enlightenment.

So what about Hoboken makes you want to keep living here?

Despite our everyday complaints, I happen to love this City. From the awesome folks at Sasso’s and other family-run shops, to walking down the street and greeting the many people that I’ve come to know, to the four seasons, blooming trees and the nice cool breeze off the Hudson river, our City cannot be beat in my opinion. And much as the topic of City Hall has come up in recent months, I have to say even they’ve been doing a better job. While not as proactive as we’d like, they are certainly responding to some of the concerns of their citizens. I can see that they’re trying, regardless of the reasons why.

We are a community, and maybe now is the time (at least after the election) that we (myself included) focus on what we deeply and sincerely like, and perhaps even take for granted.

fresh-and-fluffy-hoboken-kitten.jpgWhile we still have our freedoms and rights, we should definitely take the time to appreciate them.

FYI, I will moderate the comments in this post and ensure they are “sanitized”. Seriously, try to work with me and see if we, as an online community, can keep this topic “fresh and fluffy” like a cute newborn kitten. Try not to take it personally if something you write is edited or removed entirely. Call this a “social experiment” if you must.

(end sappiness)