What I like about Hoboken

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borat-i-like-hoboken.jpgOK, a little short-sightedness caused the creation of a new posting called “Rant Corner”. That was done in order to give people an NC-17 place for them to express themselves, let some steam off, complain and be negative all they want. Technically, it was meant to be fun, and you’re not supposed to take it too seriously. It probably contains some bad language and more, and isn’t meant for everyone. The trash-talking section of 411, so to say.

A reader suggested a “politically correct” posting so the shiny happy aspects of Hoboken can be discussed and we can all get teary-eyed and filled with love, joy and enlightenment.

So what about Hoboken makes you want to keep living here?

Despite our everyday complaints, I happen to love this City. From the awesome folks at Sasso’s and other family-run shops, to walking down the street and greeting the many people that I’ve come to know, to the four seasons, blooming trees and the nice cool breeze off the Hudson river, our City cannot be beat in my opinion. And much as the topic of City Hall has come up in recent months, I have to say even they’ve been doing a better job. While not as proactive as we’d like, they are certainly responding to some of the concerns of their citizens. I can see that they’re trying, regardless of the reasons why.

We are a community, and maybe now is the time (at least after the election) that we (myself included) focus on what we deeply and sincerely like, and perhaps even take for granted.

fresh-and-fluffy-hoboken-kitten.jpgWhile we still have our freedoms and rights, we should definitely take the time to appreciate them.

FYI, I will moderate the comments in this post and ensure they are “sanitized”. Seriously, try to work with me and see if we, as an online community, can keep this topic “fresh and fluffy” like a cute newborn kitten. Try not to take it personally if something you write is edited or removed entirely. Call this a “social experiment” if you must.

(end sappiness)

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  1. NotBornButRaised says:

    I like that two people can grow up in Hoboken 3 blocks from each other and become engaged as adults. Both also still live in Hoboken. 😀

  2. pawzclawz says:

    People usually don’t have anything nice to say about The Malibu Diner,so I’ll say something nice. It concerns what took place last evening. I went to an uptown bar for two cocktails. On my person I had my housekeys,my debit card and a $10.00 bill. When I paid my tab in the bar,I used the restroom before leaving. I had gotten my customer receipt at this point. I had intended to tear that up and throw it away. When I was leaving the restroom,I noticied my $10.00 was missing. I had accidently torn it up with my customer receipt. It was the first time in my life that I have done that to money. I then went to get food from Uptown Pizza. Their kitchen was closing. They were serving only pizza. I wasn’t in the mood for pizza. I asked Uptown if my $10.00 was usuable. I tore it in half and took the pieces out of the restroom trash. They told me in Uptown,I would have to take it to a bank and have them tape it together. I then went to Malibu for dinner. I told them what happened. They let me use the $10.00. They taped it together and let me put the balance on my debit card. Thanks everyone at The Malibu for saving me a trip to the bank.

  3. Gavriel says:

    411 you’re knockin ’em out da box lately. Great coverage of Hoboken on a very wide range of topics. Unbeatable! :mrgreen:

  4. Journey says:

    Thank you to the gentleman that noticed my toddler’s shoe had fallen off on the NYC PATH this past Sunday.

  5. shootyz23 says:

    Don’t know where this should go but I am giving this a try………….

    I am getting married on June 12th, 2011 and I am very late in getting a DJ. Hoping someone might recommend a local Hoboken DJ to do a wedding in Long Branch.

    Any thoughts??

    Any will help!!


  6. hoboken411 says:

    Completely not Hoboken – but had to share this funny parody of Gadaffi…

    Zero Hedge posted this spoof about this email being the “source” of the rumor that Gadaffi is going to leave Libya:


    Sender: Col.Gadaffi@Libya.com

    To: Tips@BBC.com

    Hello Distinguished Sir or Madam,

    I hope this email reaches you in time. I would like to offer you a business proposition. I am the owner of $60B in Swiss and US bank account and would gladly offer you a fee of $1B if you will release a press statement that I am about to surrender to the rebel Transitional National Council.

    However, to get the banks to release the money, I need you to forward me the transfer fees in the amount of $1MM so that the banks will transfer the money to you. Please forward this payment into my new untraceable swiss account so that I may send you the $1B payment.

    Look familiar? haha!

  7. kooky kat says:

    Thank you Peter (and your cute little dog Brooklyn) for returning my bank card and my case with my bike lock in it! There ARE still decent people in the world! Now, if those 2 bitches that found my case last time loaded with cash would have been decent enough to give it back to me even after being confronted about it. Really, you are 2 evil demons…mother and daughter swiped it and acted like they didn’t see me drop it!

  8. kooky kat says:

    …as a result of my spacey nature (and severe hangover today) I have got to stop leaving the apt when I cannot function properly!

  9. hoboken411 says:

    Tuck this away in your brain: The best $5 you can possibly spend on food in Hoboken is a rotisserie chicken from ShopRite. You can easily (and healthily) feed yourself for two or three days with this tasty and sensible meal option. It fills you up, prevents hunger pangs in-between, and helps you lose weight.

    Finger-lickin’ good!

  10. hoboken411 says:

    FYI, page loads on 411 should be vastly improved across the board. Hopefully I didn’t screw up anything in the process.

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