njmaps.gifHere we have a great map site that has organized many of our local modes of transportation in one easy-to-access location.

Meant to write about this a few weeks ago, but I understood that Mike (the creator) was in the progress of “fancying up” the map to incorporate Google Maps, instead of the previous static map he had created. NewYorksSixth had mentioned something about it a while back.

It’s still a work in progress, but I can see this being a useful resource for people without cars who are looking for different ways to get around our area.

Maybe he can add taxis and pedi-cabs one day too!


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  1. MidnightRacer says:

    “New Jersey” and “Map” is an example of an oxymoron. Everyone knows that driving in Jersey is like following the white rabbit down the “Rabbit’s Hole”.

    I’ll take the Red Pill.

  2. FAP says:

    Be nice if they combined this with

  3. potatochip says:

    the page does not load and it shuts down all my other browser sessions?

  4. Journey says:

    Which site did you have trouble with chippers.

  5. potatochip says:

  6. schroeder says:

    Potatochip, what OS and browser are you using? The web designer tested the site with as many configurations as he could, but I’m sure we missed a few.

    And, yeah, it would be nice if we could make the map give directions a la hopstop, but we’re just two guys doing this in our spare time, and don’t really have the time or programming chops to do that.

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