Hoboken has some bad intersections – what are the worst?

Hoboken411 reader “OlderThanGod” suggested today’s Hoboken Question of the Day.

“Hoboken traffic accidents – which is the most dangerous intersection in Hoboken? How long has it been a problem? Why has the city ignored the problem? Accidents at intersections are almost always the result of a design flaw. So who should we sue?

My vote for the worst intersection is – 16th Street and Park Avenue. All it requires to fix it is a sign @ $100 – NO LEFT TURN from 16th Street on to Park Ave going North and over the bridge.”

Some other intersections that are bad include both Bloomfield at Newark and 1st Streets. This is right next to city hall, and there are accidents here every week due to improperly parked vehicles, and bad parking enforcement by HPU.

What do you think is the worst Hoboken intersection?