Maxwell Place Construction Action

Maxwell Place in Hoboken going up fast!

Today’s Hoboken Photo of the Day is a nice shot that captures the beautiful early fall sky, along with construction equipment and the first five floors of the newest phase of the Maxwell Place project.

How many more residents can Hoboken handle?

Floors starting to add up at Hoboken Maxwell Place

8/16/2012 Update:

Spoke with some concrete workers the other day over at Maxwell Place uptown just to see how they’re doing on this fast-paced project. They said they’re under a really aggressive schedule, and the “powers that be” expect the concrete pouring to be complete by this coming January! Not sure if that’ll happen, but it’s clear they want it done quickly. The rest of the work, most likely will not be complete until after 2013, though.

Note to area residents: Enjoy what views you have left, they’ll be gone soon!

Construction proceeding rapidly at Maxwell Place in Hoboken

5/12/2012 Update:

Current Maxwell Place phase expected completion date: 2014

Boy, the crew working at the Maxwell Place site uptown is plowing ahead at a record rate (although “management doesn’t think so” according to workers).

The site should be fully completed by summer of 2014.

In the photo below – your last glimpse of the elaborate under-belly of the new building – it will never be seen again once the concrete is poured.

And here’s a 60 second clip of the construction for those who have jobs and can’t enjoy watching the machinery in motion.

More construction action at Maxwell Place in Hoboken, NJ

2/21/2012 Update:

Last summer, we thought that the next phase of Maxwell Place would begin – but it was evident that Toll Brothers was waiting until the 1450 Washington Project was complete.

Over the past week – action has been picking up again along Hudson Street – as crews are slowly disassembling construction trailers on the future site of more high-rise condo towers. Boy this will be one WINDY section of town in the near future!

Construction Trailers setup at Maxwell Place

6/10/2011 Update:

Trailers almost done at Maxwell Place at 11th & Hudson. Which means the next phase of construction is getting closer to starting.

Next Maxwell Place phase in Hoboken NJ to begin soon


A recent flurry of activity over at Maxwell Place uptown means only one thing – construction is about to begin!

Work this week primarily involved prepping the area south of the site where construction will take place – to make way for the project trailers will be relocated.

This major phase of the project will likely take several years – and without a doubt cause some area residents to groan. However, this means a solution is in sight for the lack of a sidewalk on 12th Street!

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9 Comments on "Maxwell Place Construction Action"

4 years 8 months ago

You know what they say about making assumptions.. They were just doing some work, and are re-blacktopping it next week. They still haven’t sold out 1125, so I doubt we will see a new building for a while.

4 years 8 months ago

FWIW – the Toll Bros. building at 15/Wash-Bloomfield is going up nicely. They seem to run a cleaner construction site than did the Applied buildings at the river. Yeah, no worksite is perfect, but there seems to be a lot less garbage and dirt floating around than at Applied buildings two blocks over. It also seems to be going up much more quickly. Brickwork was surprisingly fast, it looks like most windows are in, and I could see drywall already stacked inside for putting up the walls.

4 years 8 months ago

“Develop or Die” – Beth Mason 2nd Ward Councilperson…..

4 years 8 months ago

Maxwell Place was started long before the current administration was in office. And why drag politics into this?

4 years 8 months ago

Sound development is needed. These projects are in the 2nd Ward and of course the Applied approvals go back several administrations. All si-called ‘politics’ is not bad…… 😛