Online porn not good enough for all men in Hoboken

Hoboken411 reader Courtney wanted to let other Hoboken ladies know to be aware of the perverts in your own backyard – with an experience she had yesterday at the PATH Station.

“After my daily commute today, I exited the PATH train, and proceeded up the stairs from the platform. Still on the platform, I noticed a white man, dressed in normal business attire. Initially, he caught my attention because he had both, yes, both fingers up his nose, and I was repulsed. Then, I realized he was hanging back from the rest of the commuters, down on the platform under the stairs, in order to look up women’s skirts. What a creep!

Though I yelled at the guy, and hopefully embarrassed him, I doubt this was his first or last time preying on women. I did notify the police in the station, but by that time the crowd had grown and the man wasn’t where I originally saw him.

Just a word to my fellow Hobokenites (especially the ladies)… Spring is great for sundresses & skirts, but unfortunately brings out predators and perverts in our own backyards. Don’t be sheepish if you see someone doing this as it is a form of sexual deviance, and a violation of our personal rights.”

She further described the man as “White, olive complexion, approx 200 lbs, dark brown hair (a little bushy on top, kinda reminded me of a heavier Jason Biggs), probably between 25-35 years old, no facial hair. He was wearing a blue button down, long sleeved collared shirt, top button open, no tie, and dress pants and had white ear buds in. I would assume he was coming from work in the city too. He blended in with the crowd easily. Pretty sure he had a messenger bag on as well, worn across his chest.”

Guard your goods!