(partially-updated 5/6/2013)

Free WiFi in Hoboken

Trying to put an up-to-date free internet access point section together. People love chilling out and clicking away on their computers.

Other than hijacking some unsuspecting residents unsecured wireless connections, does anyone else know of other public places in Hoboken that have available FREE Wi-Fi?

wifi-hoboken.gifbwè kafe (coffee cafe)
1002 Washington St.

Carpe Diem (bar)
1405 Grand St.

Frozen Monkey (cafe)
526 Washington St.

Ganache (cafe)
1500 Hudson St.

Garden of Eden (2nd floor of market)
226 Washington St.

Legal Beans (cafe / restaurant)
86 Garden St.

Little Grocery (cafe)
214 Jefferson St.

Mon Cheri Yogurt Bar (cafe)
517 Washington St.

Panera Bread (chain)
308 Washington St.


Stevens Park (city park)
5th and Hudson

Sushi House (restaurant)
155 1st St.