“Hoboken Pet” having an “ice cream social” this weekend

According to the signs on the doors of the new Hoboken Pet at 524 Washington St., they’re having a sponsored event this Saturday, July 30th and Sunday, July 31st from 12-4pm, with free pet food samples.

NYC Pet changes name to “Hoboken Pet” in 07030

NYC Pet must have gotten an odd feeling about their name – and has changed the store name for Hoboken to a very creative “Hoboken Pet.”

NYC Pet migrates from Brooklyn, NY to Hoboken, NJ

Heard that the old HSBC Bank branch at 524 Washington St. is becoming another pet store in Hoboken.

NYC Pet – a Brooklyn, NY based pet-store chain with seven locations already (one in Staten Island) – apparently had enough with the rents on the east side of the Hudson – and have grabbed one of the many vacant storefronts on the Avenue.

Stores migrating from NYC to Hoboken seems to be a growing trend (i.e. Ricky’s, Mamoun’s, etc.)

Description: New York based pet store chain
Address: 524 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Web: www.nycpet.com
Phone: TBD