4/28/2008 Blast from the past:

While I’m on “vacation” (if you would even call it that), I’m bumping some older entries and other items that might still be of interest to readers both old and new. Here’s one about cleaning services in Hoboken. Do you have anyone you would recommend?

hoboken-house-cleaning.jpgI think I’ve heard good and bad opinions about each and every cleaning service in the area. Notwithstanding the occasional mishap, are there any downright reliable house cleaning outfits in the area?

Hoboken411 has most of the cleaning services listed on the site, and reader “Dramaqueen2000″ chimes in with her request for feedback from the rest of you!

She said:

“Hi 411,
I have been a loyal reader of your blog for several months now, and have recommended it to several friends who live in Hoboken. I really enjoy the (often) pointed repartee that is volleyed between some of the blog regulars, and I appreciate how the blog sheds a light on how things really work in this town, Behind the Brownstones, so to speak. Thank you!

Does anyone have any feedback on cleaning services in Hoboken?
I would like to find someone trustworthy, thorough, and not so expensive that I feel ripped off. I did not see any listings under your business section, and I would like to hear people’s feedback.

Thanks and regards,
Dramaqueen 2000″

Here are the cleaning services listed.

All Season Cleaning
Continental Maid Service
Crystal Clean Services
Juliana Personal Cleaning Service
Natural Housekeeping
Quality Home Cleaning
Rags to Roses Cleaning Service
Regina’s Maids
Swept Away
Thorough Cleaning & Concierge