Salon Rouge – Moved

Salon Rouge moved in at 1030 Washington St. in Hoboken

In just about two months – Salon Rouge successfully moved locations, settling into their new spot at 1030 Washington Street last week. Very unusual that a move like this can be made with such expediency in Hoboken.

Description: Unisex Beauty Salon. Cut & style, color, texture, treatment, waxing, manicures and pedicures.
Address: 1030 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 418-8900

Salon Rouge in Hoboken to move to bigger space – for less money!

10/18/2011 Update:

Salon Rouge beauty salon is currently located at 1108 Washington Street.

However, Hoboken411 found out that they’re moving less than a block south, to the old HomeSlice location at 1030 Washington St.

The owner Elias said that he’s actually getting more square footage for less rent per month, which is always good for business. However, since the new spot isn’t presently equipped for a salon to move right in – it could be a few months before the transition takes place.

Good luck with the new location, Salon Rouge!

Salon Rouge – Hoboken, NJ

8/14/2006 Update:

They had a grand opening this past Friday. Salon Rouge replaced the previous “Pelo Salon”.

I spoke with the Lebanese owner, Elias, for a few minutes, and they seemed to be a nice bunch of people. They had snacks and wine for us to enjoy. Funny thing is, the spinach pies they had were better than Ali Baba. Too bad they just cut hair.

Prices seemed reasonable. See the PDF of their offerings HERE.


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  1. WhewWhewWhew says:

    The new owners must have been so proud of themselves to come up with this ridiculous name. Maybe they will have pictures of Christina Aguilera and Nicole Kidman getting hair cuts hanging on the walls.

    Why do I get the familiar feeling this will be another “Nail-ron Rouge” at this time next year.

  2. anatole says:

    Rather than visiting the same old corner barber shop, I decided to take a chance and try something new. My gf recommended that I go see Blanca, the head stylist. I chatted with Blanca about how I usually wear my hair and asked for suggestions. She gave me a mini hair consultation and did an excellent job. I’m extremely happy and would recommend this place to guys looking for a quality cut at a reasonable price. I’m not one to write reviews, but I feel obligated to say something nice about this place…especially since the “hilarious” observations from Whew Whew Whew are completely pointless. Blanca and Co. will do very well in Hoboken.

  3. happycustomer says:

    What a GREAT overall experience! Since I walked into Salon Rouge I was treated like a celebrity…I got a haircut from Ed who was very professional and really did a super job. Prices were very reasonable and I even bought some gel….I will be back soon! Thanks Salon Rouge!

  4. Cat says:

    Wow. What happened to all of happy customer’s other posts? There were like 4 on this thread from the shill.

    Or maybe I’m just going senile.

  5. breeder says:

    Give me a break – I took a chance and made an appointment here for a simple cut. What a disaster. The “stylist” didn’t even speak English and I had to ask the owner to intervene several times because I was not getting what I asked for. They couldn’t even properly layer my hair. This is why I have to go to the city…

  6. asb says:

    I have to say having curly hair, it’s very hard to find a salon that can cut my hair. Blanca cut my hair and did an unbelievable job. The whole package the salon delivers, from the staff service, the embiance, the products and most important the actual work they do is amazing. The prices were extremely reasonable as well. An added plus was they were able to get my extremely hair unbelievably striaght! Thanks!

  7. cindy says:

    Since the first day I walked into Salon Rouge, from the special greeting at the door. I found it to be a fun and wonderful place, where I feel great and get unbelievable attention. Blanca, the head stylist cut my hair and did an excellent job. I recommend Salon Rouge to everyone who is looking for a great place that leave’s you looking Fantastic.

  8. Yankgrl says:

    I was desperate for a hair cut and have walked past this Salon a few times so I gave it a chance. Normally I am picky about who cuts my hair but as I said I was desperate and couldn’t wait another day to get my hair cut in my old place in the city. Well I wasn’t very happy with my cut. I believe it was Ed who cut my hair. I showed him a picture and explained exactly how I wanted my hair cut. He didn’t get it right, I asked for layers and he gave me one layer and so the difference between my “layers” was quite noticeable. Since the cut didn’t “break the bank” and I was in a rush I didn’t say anything…maybe I should have…but I couldn’t understand a word he said I decided to leave it alone and find another place for next time.

  9. mayordc says:

    I tried out this place a few times. At first I enjoyed my color and cut but then I realize the owner wasnt keeping track of the color that she was using on me and started seeing a difference. She also is way too much about herself to have a successful salon. Her personal life should be kept outside of her business. I dont recommend coming here there are plenty of salons in hoboken.

  10. purple says:

    I went there for the first time, and while my hair does look great here’s what I didn’t like. I went in last week to ask how much a wash/cut/blow dry would be. The owner called over a sylist and had him look at my hair (the lenght) and told me for my hair which is medium long it would be $60. I thought that was fine so I made an apt. I also requested a deep conditioning treatment which they said would be $15. It felt like I got just a regular shampoo and when I asked the owner he told me they did not give me the conditioning treatement I asked for. So why did I make an apt for it?? When I went to pay the owner told me it was $70 for the haircut. I told him they told me in person it would be $60 and pointed to the apt book open on the counter where he had written next to my hame $60 and $15. He told me they never do my lenght hair for 60. I insisted that is what they quoted me so he ended up letting me pay that price. Like I said, my hair looks good, but I didn’t get what I wanted (the conditioning treatment) and I thought the pricing thing was a little shady. I’ll try somewhere else next time. If you go be very clear on what you are paying!

  11. Bob321 says:

    What an awesome experience!! Came to the salon to say hi to my buddy who just started working there. Ended up getting a manicure and pedicure from Gloria – she did an amazing job!! Blanca is really nice and does wonderful hair too. My friend Chris has been doing my hair for ages, he is truly the best and cuts, color, and bangs!! (btw I’m a girl, Bob is the name of my cat hahaha)

  12. oceanbloo says:

    I agree that Gloria is a fantastic manicurist.

  13. cec says:

    Unprofessional and Inexperienced.

    I had a japanese (Bio-Ionic) straightening treatment done with Blanca in May 2010 and my hair was burnt.

    Prior to my appointment I had explained to Blanca that I dye my hair every 2 weeks because of hair regrowth and that I had the formol dehydade straightening (similar to the Brazilian) done about 6 months before. She seemed to understand what it was.

    She explained the process and mentioned that the first portion would be on my hair about 40 mins. After applying it I noticed something went wrong because she removed the product after only 10 mins. She completed the whole process and while drying my hair at the end she mentioned that the back portion of my hair had a patch with a different hair texture like “nappy” hair (my hair incidently is wavy but straight if blowed dryed and would not need a strateightening treatment if it wasnt for the large amount I have and for trying to save time drying and styling, so I thought what she mentioned was odd).

    She charged me $350 for the treatment plus another $50 for shampoo also Bio-Ionic.

    After I washed my hair 3 days later, I noticed that my hair was burnt and lost a chunk of it. I now have a sizable patch of hair chopped off and the remainder is burnt. The rest of my hair is straight but dry and it has a chewing gum texture: “lifeless”. I had it looked by other professionals and they said my hair is burnt. I am so desperately hoping it grows back.

    I ran into the product in another hair salon and checked the instructions and it very clearly states not to be used with hair already chemically straightened. I have no idea why she went ahead and did it.

    I would just advise everyone to be ware of this treatment, particularly if you have something done before and also to be cautious in this salon. I think they are rookies. I generally go to Bumble and Bumble Downtown for haircuts, etc and so far I am pleased. You need to go to big salons because they are far more accountable and knowledgeable if something goes wrong. Also this Rouge Salon as you can see was nothing cheap, I rather spend another $100 more and be treated by experts.

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