Poop Offender Zone

5/22/2007 Update:

Reader sent this link in. Fox 5 News ran a story about this idea.

Here’s a screen capture:


5/21/2007 Update:

From NJ.com: “Councilman Christopher Campos, who suggested the idea”..

Let’s have fun with Campos’ “idea”… A little satire and a PSA at the same time!



In front of Good Kleen Fun, these two ladies and their furry rats were walking and the second mutt waddles along and emits a mushy cigar-like object right in front of a parking meter. She kept walking! I ask her, “Hey, aren’t you going to pick that up?” She stops. Looks at me for a few seconds, and keeps walking. Well she must have either been foreign or retarded, or both, because it didn’t register. The owner Andrea had to come out and clean it up. Disgusting and rude! I wasn’t in the Geraldo Rivera harassing mood, so I let them go. This time.


This whole idea of “outing” people who fail to pick up after their dogs seems like an interesting process (read: Reader Mail: Dog droppings). However, I’m wondering how you’d all feel about looking at piles of dog crap on your computer monitor. Not the most pleasant thing in the world, right? But I guess it’s better than stepping in it. So I’ve decided to “minimize” the visual and use it as an inset instead.

Here’s our first lucky charter member to the Poop Offender Zone!

Sent in by 411 reader “monk”. He writes:

“Got this guy on 8th and Monroe. Tried to catch, up but I did the best I could do. White male, approximately 22-25 years of age, 5’10, 175 lbs, black hair, unshaven, last seen near Lounge 11. The dog in question appeared to be a German Shepard mix.”


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6 years 11 months ago
7 years 1 month ago

[quote comment=”90372″]does anyone know if anyone got hit with this fine yet? I notice a lot of dog owners let their dog go behind cityhall and not clean up after them.[/quote]

I tell you who is gonna get fined and that is the dark haired girl with her blonde roomate who live at 924 Garden Street that own a small brown dog who shit all up 8th Street and Garden Street today at 2:20pm.

Both saw the dog stop and shit and refused to pick it up with the blonde laughing saying how funny iy would be if someone stepped in it!

7 years 2 months ago

does anyone know if anyone got hit with this fine yet? I notice a lot of dog owners let their dog go behind cityhall and not clean up after them.

7 years 11 months ago

[quote comment=”43881″]Any ideas? I’d love to put a land mine under the dirt. That would do the trick. But those are hard to come by. Any suggestions? Short of running a video camera all night to try to catch them in the act, I’m out of ideas. God help this person if I ever catch him/her red-handed.[/quote]

Use this item, it is wireless, outdoor, and it even has night vision!


7 years 11 months ago

Go high tech. There has got to be a cheap way to set up a video cam to run without you having to sit up all night, or even get up early, to catch the perp with the pup. It’s probably early morning or late night since that’s a likely time (other than during the day) when dogs are walked — when you just get up, and before you go to bed. (I would love to see an upload.) Then, send it to the police and ask them to prosecute. I mean, it is illegal activity afterall. I love my pups but I pick up and will call anyone out who doesn’t do the same. But then….the other day, I see this guy come out of a store, open his cigs and throw the wrapper right on the ground. Huh. That’s the kind of jerk that doesn’t pick up after the dog.