Ibby’s Falafel barely lasts a year in Hoboken, NJ

Looks like Hoboken’s love affair with Falafel is showing signs of fatigue. A few days ago, Ibby’s Falafel at 614 Washington Street called it quits. The reason for their demise could be one or more of the following:

  • Exorbitant rent
  • That location is cursed
  • Falafel sandwiches not really low carb enough (pushing almost 100g per sandwich)
  • Other places (like Maoz) are that much better

Perhaps it’s even the block they’re on – because Hummus Bar a few doors down also seems to be suffering a bit these days as well.

Why do you think they crashed?

Falafel overload in Hoboken: Ibby’s Falafel coming


For the longest time – Hoboken had Ali Baba and The Pita Grill. Then came along the Two Pitas in a Pod Lunch Truck. (We also had the Kebab “Pimp” House for a little while, before the owner got busted for his prostitution ring.)

But that sounds like a fine selection of healthy Mediterranean places for a Mile Square, right?

In less than six months – the Hummus Bar, Maoz Vegetarian, the Hoboken Cottage (which now serves Turkish Cuisine) Mamoun’s (coming soon), and now Ibby’s Falafel also set to open up shop at 614 Washington Street (f.k.a. Dino Sandwich Cafe).

Do you think this is Falafel overload? Or just way overdue?

For me – I’m sticking with Two Pitas (see review). Still the best in my opinion!

Description: Mediterranean / Middle-Eastern Cuisine. Stuff like Falafel, Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Tabouli Salad, etc., et. al, yadda yadda yadda.
Address: 614 Washington Street
Web: www.ibbysfalafel.com
Phone: TBD