Sad dog abandoned for hours!

Hoboken411 reader Brian Wagner is back with a (disgusting) story about a poor dog – and some completely inept dog owners. Read on…

We need to teach pet owners a serious lesson!

“From one pet dad to another pet dad… the following is based on true events from between 1pm-7:30pm on Saturday, March 12th.

Two points of view after a strange day in Hoboken for this unknown dog I rescued with another caring pet parent.

Are the pictures above depicting:

  1. Potential dog theft: Why would any dog parent leave their pet unattended like this (outside the CVS @ corner of Washington & Newark) for 2+ hours; careless I suppose.
  2. Abandonment: What terrible uncaring person would leave their pet like this for over 2 hours unattended; careless & heartless I suppose.

On my way back to Hoboken that night, I checked back with Hoboken police to see if the dog was picked up by either their owner or Liberty Humane. I learned he was picked up by the owners. Had he not been, I was ready to drop off a can of dog food to ensure he was being taken care of.

The final outcome was the reuniting of this cute dog and his uncaring, unloving, callous owner at the Hoboken police station. I hope we scared the owner straight and taught them a lesson. A dog is not property but rather a part of many loving families. I truly feel bad for this dog; hope it has a better long term ending. Based on a true story in Hoboken.”

411 note: I thought about this for a bit – and tried very hard to give the dog owner the benefit of the doubt (say something bad happened?) However, even in the worst case scenario – I would always treat Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar as if he was family – because he is. Whether it is a fire, other emergency, etc., that dog would be by my side and go where I go.