City of Hoboken now resorts to physical abuse

Not sure if I need to remind anyone that we do actually live in America. Where you can work hard, earn your money – and provide yourself with the freedom to drive anywhere you want, whenever you want, and more.

It seems to me, that certain individuals at Hoboken City Hall despise you for exercising your liberties in this country. From stealing money from you for nothing – to crazy parking permit situations, thinking bicycling is the answer to life, and trying to coerce you into sharing insanely small cars with everyone else.

Well, none of those tactics seem to be “getting cars off the streets,” so they’ll just resort to busting up your ride (like the rims of this SUV pictured below) – and hoping you won’t do jack squat about it. They spend loads of money on fancy signs and speed displays – but you think they’d drop a dime on simply rubberizing these boots so they don’t damage cars? Never.

Think of this as you will – but I reckon a tipping point for over-zealous local governments is near. When will the insanity stop, and sensible (and accountable) governance begin?

Would you put up with this nonsense? If you did that to someone’s car – you’d be arrested for vandalism.