Hoboken police and fire blotter: 2/18/2011

Hoboken crime and fire action: February 18, 2011

An ongoing list of various noteworthy incidents, crimes and fire-calls throughout the day for Friday, February 18, 2011. This post may be updated and “bumped” periodically.

  • 3:00am (2/19/2001): Car accident with Injuries
    First amd Washington – Car accident with injuries. Two EMS units dispatched. Hoboken FD dispatched as well to clean up fluids leaks from vehicles. Right in front of City Hall – What a surprise…
  • 11:30pm: Pedestrian vs. Motorcycle
    Near the intersection of 5th & Washington – A motorcycle struck a female pedestrian causing injury. Hoboken PD and Stevens PD searched the area and spotted the driver on Hudson Street – when the motorcycle driver lost control of the bike at 8th and Hudson – then Stevens went on a foot pursuit of the driver (who was out of Union City West New York) – but lost him near 9th and Bloomfield.

    • 11:50pm update: The bike was reported to have been registered to a Victor Davila from West New York. It’s unknown at the moment if the bike was driven by the owner. The bike also struck a parked vehicle causing minor damage.

More updates to come…

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2/20/11 0300

Fight at Johnny Rockets – someone was hit over the head, bleeding, Amcare responding. Multiple units responding to 10th and willow. Attacker described as black female, red tights.


Description of the individual involved in the previous incident, as broadcast (I may have missed part of it)
Dark skinned dark hair hispanic gentleman, 5’9″, black jeans, dark hoodie, motorcycle jacket, thin goatee, well-built