Sprint Retail Store – Gone again!

Sprint gone again in Hoboken – off to Jersey City

They lasted on Washington Street just barely over a year since they “reopened” last year – Sprint is gone again. They moved operations up to Jersey City. And I’m sure the world will continue…

Sprint Hoboken Closed 416 Washington Street

Description: Sprint cell phone store. FOR RENT
Address: 416 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Sprint back in Hoboken at 416 Washington St.

6/23/2012 Update:

I never understood Sprint. Once Nextel, then something else – to me, it’s a “dead” wireless company. AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are the big players. Who the heck uses Sprint?

Anyway – they used to have a Nextel Sprint shop back at 114 Washington St. back in the day, but that dissolved. Now another one is coming to 416 Washington (the former home of the “local” Baron drug store). Lovely. Consider this vacant by the end of 2013.

Sprint gone in Hoboken – but for how long?


Sprint is doomed, “inconveniently” moving to North Bergen. Hey, at least there’s still Radio Shack!


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  1. 9 says:

    That’s what Sprint gets for not reaching a deal with Apple for the iPhone.

    Oh, wait, do you mean Apple tied itself to the worst mobile carrier, AT&T, on PURPOSE? 😮

  2. Yankgrl says:

    I have to say I’m not all that surprised. I’m a Sprint customer and I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than 1-2 customers in there at a time no matter when I walked in. Most of the time the place was empty. Thankfully there are tons of stores in the city.

  3. Easy-E says:

    Sprint is horrible. My girlfriend tried for months to get mysterious charges taken off her bill only to be told something different every time. She would eventually get in touch with someone who wasn’t an asshole to her and remove the charges. Next month, they would be back.

    She finally just paid the cancellation fee and switched carriers.

    I don’t know what their service was like, but if you ever had to speak to someone to get a problem taken care of you were screwed. As a result they have lost customers in droves.

    Good riddance.

  4. onaheartbeatglide says:

    I’ve actually been a Sprint customer for 8 years and I’ve never had a problem with my bills or service. I refuse to switch!

  5. Yankgrl says:

    I refuse to switch because although I left my old job (not w/ Sprint) over 3 years ago, I still get a nice size discount from the employee program so why should I change when anywhere else my bill would be at least double what I pay now. Plus I’ve never had any big problems with Sprint or the service. Yeah other carriers have better phones, but I don’t need anything overly fancy.

  6. eric5776 says:

    That store was definitely a waste of space. They’d always sent me to another store for technical issues with my phone. On the other hand, Sprint does have decent over-the-phone customer service (imho). It’s just their set up stores like this one in Hoboken needs improvement. Good-bye. You will likely not be missed by anyone, Sprint/Nextel store…

  7. MidnightRacer says:

    Why are a few people here equating a store’s relocation with a company’s demise?

    I’ve had Sprint, Verizon, & Cingular/AT&T.

    Never had a single problem with any of them, but I’ve always heard the dishonest misrepresentations of Sprint and Cingular/AT&T – yet never Verizon. The only problem I’ve had with any of them is the problem with Verizon and global calls (Europe), and some issues with coverage in CA. But all that’s in the past. For the most part, I can’t tell the difference between one and another except for phone offerings.

  8. plaintruthiness says:

    Great that Sprint left! Now I can fulfill my life-long dream of opening The Plaintruthiness Nail Salon! It was either that or a real estate agency, but there’s already 4 or more on that block.

  9. 9 says:

    Bank, silly! That block needs another bank! 😛

  10. YipYap says:

    Great spot for a pawn shop!

  11. elainetyger says:

    IIRC the pawn shop was where “Yes I Do” is now.

  12. kal-el says:

    thump,thump,thump another one bites the dust

  13. eam144 says:

    Elainetyger – I thought that was where Cheap Maggies was?

  14. Gavriel says:

    I use sprint because it’s cheaper than the others. Service is good enough for my use.

  15. Craig-D says:

    A few incorrect pieces of info in this post. First, Sprint wasn’t once Nextel. They were two different companies and then Sprint bought Nextel and merged with them. Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile also operate on the Spring network. Nextel is being shut down by June 2013. As for who the big players are, Sprint is the third largest wireless carrier in the U.S. – ahead of T-Mobile. So to answer who the heck uses Sprint, the answer is about 55 million people. It offers the cheapest plans of the Big 4 wireless companies and is the only one left with an unlimited data, text, and minutes plan for smartphones – a pretty good reason to go with them if you ask me.

  16. OpenEyes says:

    I use it . Looked around last year and They have the cheapest prices for phone and unlimited internet -emails , text, pictures, movies plus can call anyone on my team for free

    • joewitt says:

      I have had Sprint for a long time now as well. I use to have Verizon but I have to say the service with Sprint has been as good as it was with Verizon except I don’t pay nearly as much anymore and I still have unlimited data. I also travel extensively and live by my Android phone. When I first switched, customer service and erroneous charges were an issue but it has been many years since either have been a problem. They have made huge improvements to this customer service and billing. I think they might even be ranked ahead of the other guys in customer service recently. These locations that open and close are Mom and POP independent dealers and they come and go all the time, for every wireless carrier. Has nothing to do with how well Sprint is doing. Sprint is the 3rd largest wireless carrier in the country. [quote comment=”216543″]I use it . Looked around last year and They have the cheapest prices for phone and unlimited internet -emails , text, pictures, movies plus can call anyone on my team for free[/quote]

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