Reminder: Snow Removal on 11th today

2/1/2011 Update:

ABC 7 Reports on Hoboken Snow Removal

ABC News Channel 7 did a segment on the 11th Street snow cleanup last night – interviewed some residents and reported that the signs that said “No Parking” for the entire month was an error – and that cars can park again on Wednesday when the cleanup is complete.

More Snow Removal this week

Starting at 8am on Tuesday, February 1st – you best not be parked on 11th Street – as well as Vezzetti Way (For those that still don’t know – that is the mini street that runs parallel to Observer Highway).

The city will be clearing snow on 11th Street – and has chosen Vezzetti Way for dumping additional piles of snow – since the 17th Street location is essentially over-flowing. I wonder how this will affect any future flooding issues downtown (Remember the video of “Crazy Pete” near that Jersey City underpass?)

Additionally, someone at city hall not only spelled February wrong on every sign (see inset) – also indicated no parking for the entire month! Seriously – what do they put in the water around these parts?

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Hoboken Weekly Weather Outlook: Ice, Rain, Snow, Yuck

A special post has already been established for the “Groundhog Day” Winter Storm System that will affect a large portion of the country this week.

For the time being – it seems that the NYC may escape the larger snow accumulations – but the next worry is ice and flooding rains. Bookmark this post for more info.

Speaking of rain: What about your roof?

The amount of moisture contained in the “snow pack” on rooftops and streets in Hoboken is a cause for great concern. Some residents with experience of leaking roofs, take the time to remove the buildup. And depending on how much plain rain comes along with this week’s storm – we may be hearing quite a few fire-calls for leaks and flooding.

Kris Humphries at Village Pour House

Another Celebrity Sighting over at the Village Pour House on First Street last night – as Kris Humphries of the NJ Nets enjoyed dinner and drinks. Kris has become a more popular NBA player, because he’s dating Kim Kardashian at the moment.

Enjoy your week, Hoboken!

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9 Comments on "Reminder: Snow Removal on 11th today"

5 years 9 days ago

That’s hilarious FeBOOary!

5 years 9 days ago

Thank you 411 for keeping the citizens informed of all news concerning plowing
and snow removal: Your website is great!

5 years 9 days ago

Fox 5 is on 11th and Park right now doing a news report, too.

There were no parking signs all along the west side of Adams Street for snow removal yesterday, but nothing was done.

5 years 9 days ago

I’ll admit I haven’t shoveled out my car yet — there’s nowhere to put the snow! You can’t put on the sidewalks…or in the street….or in the space next to you as you’ll block in your neighbor. Where are you supposed to put it?

5 years 9 days ago

I’m embarrassed for the scribe.

I also use the Parking Utility frequently to buy guest passes and I haven’t noticed much turnover in the last 10+ years.