Did Harvest Cuisine go out of business already?

Several Hoboken411 readers inquired whether Harvest Cuisine at 518 Washington Street is doomed – saying it hasn’t been open in a while. Their website doesn’t seem to indicate that they’re closed.

But I swung by yesterday, and it was indeed closed in the middle of the day. I asked some fellas over at Robongi next door – and despite the complete lack of understanding the English language, one guy made the “finished” (i.e. doomed) motion with his arms.

If they really are doomed (and not on vacation or sabbatical) it’d be a shame.

Have you tried Harvest Cuisine yet?

7/5/2011 Update:

Over the past couple weeks – each time I walk by Harvest Cuisine at 518 Washington St., the outdoor eating area is empty – while neighboring restaurants have customers.

I still haven’t had the opportunity to taste the food here, but the menus look interesting. The have a lunch menu, dinner menu and brunch menu.

Have any of you tried it yet? Is it any good? Prices seem fair… Do people mainly order delivery? Or is the concept just too unique for customers to understand it?

Harvest Cuisine now open for Dinner in Hoboken NJ


Expects to be fully operational by early March…

The wait is finally over for Harvest Cuisine at 518 Washington Street. They officially open for dinner tonight – and will add the “market,” lunch and brunch over the next few weeks.

See Harvest Cuisine Dinner Menu here. Enjoy!

Harvest Cuisine getting close to opening in Hoboken

2/8/2011 Update:

Spoke with workers who were installing a brown retractable awning on the upcoming Harvest Cuisine restaurant at 518 Washington St. today… and they seemed to think the new fresh eatery will be opening as soon as this week!

Good news for Hoboken residents!

Unique eatery coming to 518 Washington in Hoboken


It might be said that the horrible all-you-can-eat debacle that was going on over at Wild Ginger (518 Washington St.) was the final nail in their coffin.

They’re doomed. Finished. Gone.

So what’s coming next?

Well – glad you asked! Opening up in February 2011 – is Harvest Cuisine. A unique kind of eatery that offers relatively healthy choices, fresh to-go items, sit down dining, BYOB, and even a late night menu!

The owners said the restaurant can be classified as a market for “Global Cuisine,” with carving stations, a la carte dinner items and a “red eye” menu. They’re comparing themselves somewhat to Market Basket in Franklin Lakes. “We’ll be serving fresh, seasonal items that Hoboken will love,” said the owner.

Their website www.harvestcuisine.com should be up online next week.

More updates to come!