HFA Cabin Fever Festival

HFA Cabin Fever Festival!
Sunday, February 11, 2007
The Elks Lodge (10th & Washington)

Please contact Julie Hartigan if you’re interested in volunteering! jhartigan1@msn.com

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3 Comments on "HFA Cabin Fever Festival"

9 years 8 months ago

sure…that Family Alliance is a fiesty group. Ya know how rowdy those kids get after a good game of chess.

9 years 8 months ago

Hehe, that’s true.. I didn’t even notice where this was being held…
Hopefully there will be a formidable police presence on hand to deal with the thugs and hooligans that will inevitably attempt to start a street fight that evening…
Perhaps they will need metal detectors this time so they can screen guests for knives and guns before entering.

9 years 8 months ago

Oh, great, another event put on at the Elks Club…

I’ll be sure and avoid 10th and Wash after this event is over so I can spare myself witnessing the dramatic orgy of violence and police activity that always spills out on to the street. Every time the Elks is rented its like a one-block Hoboken St Pat’s parade.

When will the leadership of the Elks Club ever learn to stop renting to riff-raff?