Is Hoboken really a pet friendly city?

Pet ownership in Hoboken can be quite the divisive subject. Some folks have issues with dog poop or dangerous Pit Bulls with irresponsible owners, while there are plenty of upstanding dog-lovers (like myself with the 411 Mascot Oscar), humane societies, and even dog-related events like Halloween Parades!

However, one new Hoboken resident is miffed by the lack of pet-friendly apartments to choose from in town.

Can anyone give her a logical explanation as to why?

Anti Pet Sentiment in Hoboken

“I’ve read your site since moving to Hoboken for everything Hoboken. I’m very curious to why Hoboken rentals/landlords are so anti-pets?

I mean if someone who doesn’t live here visits Hoboken, you would assume this is a pet friendly town. You have the animal hospital, numerous pet stores, parks etc…. but in reality it’s not.

I find it when one is looking for rentals here it has become a nightmare when one is looking for an apartment if you are a pet owner, especially towards dogs. I moved here from Manhattan and I find NYC to be more Pet friendly. I mean even some of the most luxurious buildings in the city are Pet friendly, while most of the rentals in Hoboken are not!

Many apartments here are way too expensive, but some of them are run down and old, and they have the nerve to discriminate against Pets?

I can understand if you don’t want certain breeds or sizes but all pets, that is ridiculous! Some landlords are even asking cat owners to de-claw their cats. Ha! De-clawing cats is illegal in Europe because they think it’s inhumane.

Anyway,at least in the city there might be weight or breed restrictions but at least they are not so anti-pets. Anyway, now I’m thinking of moving back to the city.”

Hoboken411 Mascot says: “Grrrrr!”