Hoboken needs more gargoyles to ward off evil!

If you take a walk from point A to point B in Hoboken without staring at your smartphone the whole time – you can see some wonderful and interesting structural features of our historic city. Hoboken411 reader Meredith did, and reports back her findings.

“I had some family come to visit recently, and we took a walking tour in NYC.

The guide mentioned a lot of the gargoyles and architectural monsters incorporated into historical structures. I learned that gargoyles were originally used for drainage, but their purpose evolved over time because people believed they guarded buildings and warded off evil.

Hoboken has some older buildings too (and I never looked very closely at the details before), so for the next few days I tried to snap photographs when I saw a gargoyle or grotesque (or even “guard lion”). Surprisingly, there really aren’t too many in Hoboken. The way things are going here (road collapses, unqualified politicians, police layoffs, etc.), I’m thinking we need to have more guardians on all our buildings and piers!

I also didn’t see any gargoyles on City Hall and laughed that we could use a few there to ward off some of the evil that lurks inside.”