Update: 5 Marineview Plaza

Should have known this – but this was already mentioned in the Doomed Brooklyn Bread thread – that plans are already taking shape for a Valastro-related Italian eatery at 5 Marineview Plaza.

So that begs the question – what restaurant would “fit” uptown at Maxwell Place?

Buddy Valastro to expand into Italian Restaurant Biz?

Maxwell Place rumored to be next stop…

Hoboken411 heard that the empty corner restaurant space at Maxwell Place (11th Street) may soon be occupied by Cake Boss Buddy Valastro from Carlo’s Bakery and is slated to become an Italian Restaurant.

Haven’t confirmed validity of that rumor – however, if true:

  • Would yet another reality show be filmed there, and become so popular that lines will now form uptown? How would Maxwell Place residents feel about that? How would other area residents feel? (traffic, congestion, etc.)
  • What affect would that have on other Hoboken Italian Restaurants? Positive or negative?
  • Would you go? How do we know if Buddy can even cook a piece of chicken?