Live police and fire blotter: 1/10/2011


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Hoboken crime and fire action!

Fire at Club H

Reports of “The Sauna on Fire” at Club H at 111 River Street. Fire sprinklers apparently activated. Hoboken Fire Department en route now.

Armed home burglar sought

A light skinned Hispanic male (baby blue sweatshirt) was reported to have gained entrance to an apartment near 9th and Jackson Streets – only to be startled by the resident who was home. He claimed to have been armed – and fled the scene. Hoboken Police are actively searching for this suspect now.

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  1. hoboken411 says:

    Home burglary update: The incident took place on the 6th floor in a building near 8th and Madison Street. Weehawken Police apparently have the suspect in custody (he took the light rail as his escape route.) The victim said that the suspect also left a “backpack” in the apartment when he fled. They’re trying to identify the suspect now.

  2. hoboken411 says:

    Club H Fire update: Hoboken EMS requested on scene – one injury reported so far.

  3. hoboken411 says:

    2:47pm Club H Update: Witness on scene said the canister inside the sauna apparently exploded.

  4. hoboken411 says:

    Two patients taken to HUMC from the Club H job…

  5. guitarbot says:

    Apparently someone was spraying eucalyptus oil on themselves in the sauna.

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