Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets: 12/29/2010


How’s everyone recovering from the blizzard?

Fearing the Hoboken snow melt!

Another interesting trend I’m picking up on – is how many residents are so very aware of the horrific conditions of our streets – and how this blizzard just made them cringe when they thought of what they’ll be like once the snow everywhere melts.

Some residents were happy that the snow “filled in” the internal organ-jarring bumps, while many others heard the damage taking place right before their eyes, as heavy equipment (such as the loader picture below) hummed tunes like “What’s Love Got to Do with It” as they battered our roads.

Can only imagine the conditions come spring. Local Auto mechanics on the other hand, are pleased.

Citywide caffeine addiction evident

Not everyone makes coffee at home. And today, each time I visited a coffee shop (like Starbucks pictured below) there were lines practically out the door – regardless of what time I visited.

Starbucks snack deliveries also suffered, as they couldn’t make it into town.

Blizzard Videos and Photos

For those that had their heads in the sand snow – a wonderful collection of Hoboken photos and videos from our historical blizzard graced the pages of 411, including:

Italian Handbag Withdrawal thanks to Viola Vita

Many ladies from Hoboken and beyond invest their handbag dollars at Viola Vita uptown – because they don’t care about brand-names, but rather well-made (original, non-knockoff) bags that last and look great.

Well, those ladies will have to hold on till February 5th – as Mario is working hard in Italy (yeah, right!) to bring the spring collection back to the Mile Square!

Enjoy the rest of your week (and year!)

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Where is Dawn Zimmer? She is enjoying a winter wonderland up in New England while VALIDATED mayors do what they are supposed to: help their constituents!!! Dawn, if you are reading this, click on the link and take some notes from your neighbor mayor in Newark!!!!!!!!!



It’s times like these I miss NY1! 🙁
Thank you for this blog as it’s providing much needed info for those of us won’t leave our apartments for fear of the unplowed streets! 😕


Streets are improving. Crosswalks and intersections still awful.


For those of us that do make our own coffee and have only been able to venture out a couple of blocks…

Any chance we could get a state of the streets for this morning? Is it getting any better?