Go Postal simplifies shipping

Go Postal simplifies shipping in Hoboken, NJ

“GO Postal with Benny Love.” Program this number into your phone: (201)400-6907 – you’ll be glad you did.

GO Postal improves service in Hoboken NJAfter bouncing around several locations in Hoboken over the past few years – Go Postal is now located down at 50 Harrison Street. And they have a new truck now too! (more about that below…)

What is Go Postal you might want to know? It’s a super package delivery service owned and operated by born & raised Hoboken resident & entrepreneur Benny Love. This fills a niche that almost everyone could use in town, considering online shopping has hit an all-time high (and with all the package thefts around).

To set up an account – simply text your full name to 201-400-6907 – and you’ll be assigned a “PMB” number. Afterward, you send your boxes to:
(full name)
50 Harrison Street
PH421 – (plus your PMB#)
Hoboken, NJ 07030

The fee is very modest ($2 per box delivered to their location – and a very small $2 fee to have ALL your boxes then delivered to your apartment at a time convenient for you). They are authorized to accept all major carriers.

Go Postal Hoboken NJ

The PATH pickup is BACK!

Those living in Hoboken long enough – remember the days when you used to be able to pick your deliveries up by the PATH station (UPS and at one point FedEx was doing it to, I think). But due to the fledgling economy those conveniences were discontinued.

Go Postal will be starting a similar PATH pickup later this spring. Those who utilize Go Postal just have to let them know they want to pick their packages up – and the Go Postal truck will be in the vicinity of the downtown Post Office every night (I think 6pm to 8pm).

I think the peace of mind having a “package concierge” for your deliveries is well worth the pocket-change they charge.

Glad we still have some entrepreneurial spirits in town (that go beyond “apps” and “startups.”) This service is functional, and solves a nagging problem that is only getting worse. Way to go, Benny!

(Note: Below is archived data from their previous locations…)

Go Postal relocates in Hoboken, NJ (again)

July 2012 Update:

They relocated once again to a more permanent spot at 316 Washington Street.

Go Postal Shipping Center centrally located in Hoboken, NJ

2/3/2012 Update:

Good news for Hoboken residents who struggle with package deliveries and shipments!

After being at various spots on the outskirts of town over the past years – Go Postal has revised their business model and finally has a nice centrally located spot at 722 Washington Street (previously home of Vicki Jewelers – who is now solely located at 13th & Grand).

Go Postal is Hoboken’s only independently owned FedEx Authorized ShipCenter (and DHL, too!)

For a modest fee, they can receive all your package deliveries from any shipping carrier. Too lazy to walk over? They’ll even deliver it to your house when you are home. A niche filled in Hoboken!

Go Postal also primed to help bail out USPS customers!

As you’ve heard – the United States Postal Service is considering closing up to three Hoboken locations.

Go Postal is just a few doors down from the midtown post office – which is expected to be the first one to shut down. And as a result, Go Postal will likely become an authorized USPS shipping center if that pans out – which is great news for those that still need to use registered mail or parcel post. Smart move, Benny!

You can call (201)653-1080 or text (201)400-6907 for more info. They will officially be open on Monday 2/6/2012 – but will turn no customers away if you happen to stop in before then.

Safe haven for your UPS & FedEx shipments!


The retail spot at 302 Monroe Street has gone through several identity changes over the past few years. For a while, it was the “Monroe Bar,” but that quickly went away, then it was called “GoPostalNJ.com” for a bit too (that site is down as of press time). The last I heard, it was referred to as Green Mountain Coffee.

However, that doesn’t matter what you call it to Hoboken resident Benny Love, who owns the establishment. He’s made his successes in life – and I guess his business (Monroe Services) boils down to a “Multi-purpose neighborhood operation.”

Love has quite a bit of stuff going on here. Besides being an authorized FedEx shipping center – you can also have your regular deliveries sent there for safe keeping (this is good considering the increase in package thefts during the holidays). They have some food, and sell Green Mountain Coffee too. Love also has five Hot Dog carts that can be seen around town selling dirty water dogs in the warmer months.

This spot is also available to rent for your own private (or public) events, shows, gatherings – what have you. I attended the “Meetballs and Greetballs” Event earlier in 2010.

You can call them at (201)653-1080.

15 Responses

  1. Litteredboken says:

    Benny Love! Great name.

  2. HoBoSearch says:

    Yeah, this looks like a place I want my packages shipped too…….

  3. gnoor says:

    This place is terrible. I gave it 3 trys:

    1) Wanted to ship a package. Took 20 minutes because Ben was not there and he is the only person who knows how to ship them as his friend was filling in.

    2) Tried to have a fedex shipped to the location as it was important and I needed to get it quickly. It was rejected because they were not open at the time of delivery (11am on a tuesday).

    3)Tried to ship a package again. They had no cash on hand to give me change because Ben was not there.

    Albeit his girlfriend who works there is HOT, but they need to get proper business hours you can depend on. Also, they claim to serve food on the weekends. I would not eat there at any cost, looks dirty. I know Ben thinks he is successful, but he needs to learn how to run a business.

  4. MissHoboken says:

    Everyone has a different experience wherever you go. Unlike the post above me, I actually had a good experience at 302 Monroe St. I had my daughter’s baby shower in their back room. The room is gorgeous and spacious. It accomodated the 150+ that were in attendance. The owner Ben, was very helpful. He advertised his Gopostal business to us the night of the party. I am an avid online shopper. I’ve used Gopostal on the shipping and recieving end and I am extremely satisfied with the service. I can’t stress enough how many times I have had packages supposedly left at my door and then they were gone. I recommended this service to my colleagues and they found it to be useful. I would strongly recommend the back room for parties and the Gopostal service since both my experiences were pleasant. SATISFIED CUSTOMER!

  5. gazzosdriver says:

    Grand jury indicts Benny Love for fraud – $230,000 Bentley rolled down the LSP boat ramp. What? What? What?

  6. DMS says:

    I am appalled by these responses. Not once have I entered this facility and was not helped to my full satisfactory. Mr. Benny Love is a well mannered gentleman and the services he provide are very much convenient. The “Don’t miss another package” idea is BRILLIANT considering the number of missed and stolen packages throughout the city. His “Hall for Rent” is immaculate and to my knowledge has the best price offering asked for. I am impressed with the multi-services he provides to our 4th Ward community ,where the nearest “FedEx” or “Hall for Rent” is half a mile away. I’ve been more then pleased with every service available, including a soothing cup of Green Mountain Coffee in the morning along with his great Dry Cleaning services. This is the only business I’ve been to where the customer is accommodated as much as they possibly can be. For the people hiding behind the mask, these childish antics do not sound very much “adult” like to me.

  7. Stabone130 says:

    Strikes me as a kinda guy with a lot of things going on — and hasn’t mastered any of them yet. I also had a package sent there — and it was returned to Amazon because they weren’t open or no one was there…! That just defeats the whole purpose of the business!!!!

  8. Stpaddygirl says:

    Confused is there coffee here or just packages?

  9. gnoor says:

    Stabone hit the nail on the head: A guy who has a lot of things going on but has not mastered any of them. I like only a block away but will have my packages shipped to Fedex on River Street because they are reliable, this guy is not.

  10. Angry Bird says:

    I always forget that I can send to one of these places. I’m writing this address down right now and vow to never go to the UPS in Secaucus again!

  11. NorthKrissy says:

    I’m signing up too. Because even when your packages get delivered to your lobby, they’re not safe. Like my poor laptop that was taken this week. Like the third time already this year something went missing in our building.

  12. ktbc says:

    I had a couple of large rugs delivered here from overstock.com. I couldn’t have been more pleased! Go Postal texted me when my packages arrived, and they didn’t close until 8pm, so I had plenty of time to go get there after work. And, they charged less than $5! They were very friendly and helped me carry these large items to my car, and also explained that I could have set up an appointment to have them deliver the items to my apartment at my convenience. Obtaining packages in Hoboken has been a HUGE problem for me. I am definitely going to use this place often, especially now that they have a better location with better hours. Great addition to Washington Street!

  13. klaatu says:

    I tried to have a package redirected here recently, but FedEx told me I could only pick up my package at the Kinkos on River Street. It was strange because they’ve sent my packages to GoPostal before without me even asking them to.

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