Go Postal relocates in Hoboken, NJ (again)

July 2012 Update:

They relocated once again to a more permanent spot at 316 Washington Street.

Go Postal Shipping Center centrally located in Hoboken, NJ

2/3/2012 Update:

Good news for Hoboken residents who struggle with package deliveries and shipments!

After being at various spots on the outskirts of town over the past years – Go Postal has revised their business model and finally has a nice centrally located spot at 722 Washington Street (previously home of Vicki Jewelers – who is now solely located at 13th & Grand).

Go Postal is Hoboken’s only independently owned FedEx Authorized ShipCenter (and DHL, too!)

For a modest fee, they can receive all your package deliveries from any shipping carrier. Too lazy to walk over? They’ll even deliver it to your house when you are home. A niche filled in Hoboken!

Go Postal also primed to help bail out USPS customers!

As you’ve heard – the United States Postal Service is considering closing up to three Hoboken locations.

Go Postal is just a few doors down from the midtown post office – which is expected to be the first one to shut down. And as a result, Go Postal will likely become an authorized USPS shipping center if that pans out – which is great news for those that still need to use registered mail or parcel post. Smart move, Benny!

You can call (201)653-1080 or text (201)400-6907 for more info. They will officially be open on Monday 2/6/2012 – but will turn no customers away if you happen to stop in before then.

(Note this is archived data from their previous location…)

Safe haven for your UPS & FedEx shipments!


The retail spot at 302 Monroe Street has gone through several identity changes over the past few years. For a while, it was the “Monroe Bar,” but that quickly went away, then it was called “GoPostalNJ.com” for a bit too (that site is down as of press time). The last I heard, it was referred to as Green Mountain Coffee.

However, that doesn’t matter what you call it to Hoboken resident Benny Love, who owns the establishment. He’s made his successes in life – and I guess his business (Monroe Services) boils down to a “Multi-purpose neighborhood operation.”

Love has quite a bit of stuff going on here. Besides being an authorized FedEx shipping center – you can also have your regular deliveries sent there for safe keeping (this is good considering the increase in package thefts during the holidays). They have some food, and sell Green Mountain Coffee too. Love also has five Hot Dog carts that can be seen around town selling dirty water dogs in the warmer months.

This spot is also available to rent for your own private (or public) events, shows, gatherings – what have you. I attended the “Meetballs and Greetballs” Event earlier in 2010.

You can call them at (201)653-1080.