Saint Marys Pizzeria

Saint Marys Pizza: 131 Willow Avenue

A happy entry in the directory today for Hoboken Pizza Restaurants!

While unassuming from the outside – and more than just Pizza – Saint Mary’s Pizzeria at 2nd and Willow quietly began making tasty pizza pies available to Hoboken residents about 10 days ago.

Affordable prices, and late hours – exactly what Hoboken was looking for! See MENU here for more!

Description: Combination Bodega and Pizza Parlor. Delivery and late hours. MENU
Address: 131 Willow Ave., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-222-9662
Web: (under construction as of 11/22/2010)

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4 Comments on "Saint Marys Pizzeria"

5 years 5 days ago

I kinda feel like a jerk doing this as I live across the street and I do go in this store to buy paper towels, newspaper, etc., but you really need to NOT GO HERE. Just do this, walk down a food aisle and pick up a product. Look at the expiration date, then take note of today’s date. Do the math. Do you really want to eat pizza from a place such as the one I am describing.

Also, literally the only convenience store that consistently has cabs pulling up in front. Hmmmm…….Draw your own… Read more »

5 years 4 days ago

shotty comeon Its a bannanas spaniish vegis and fruit..been there for yrs
If egypitans and croations make pizza whay cannot this store..btw The bread store up the block on the west side btn second and third,ANTIQUE IS AS GOOD AS DOMS AND MARIES AROUND THE BLOCK ON 2ED ST. Just a tip antique is cuban…maries and doms have latinos baking for them as well..You jump in your car and get your paper somewhere else..Your call..btw again givionies pizza people from croatia…good pizza.
the best in hoboken is uptown pizza but they hit you on the head with a pipe when they… Read more »

5 years 4 days ago

Tango……..thanks for the update on the store ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME……btw, it is not a bodega. Not one “green banana spanish vegi or fruit to be seen.

The folks that run the place are in fact Egyptian so per your comment I guess they can make pizza?…..but I’m thinking you knew this, after all it’s been there for years….

No need for the car, the newspapers do not go bad, but thanks for the recommendation!

I agree with the Antique comment…………I love this place.

Also, does Marie’s really make bread?….Walked in on two occasions at the people there acted like… Read more »

5 years 3 days ago

You comment about the taxis? maybe a hang out for coffee expresso ,Im pretty sure maries bakes for big food stores but last I saw they sold over the time to go is like 4am first bake hot..Best is Doms on grand near the post office…He makes pizza and your put your own toppings on it …taste real good…It’s a matter of choice,[quote comment=”200383″]Tango……..thanks for the update on the store ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME……btw, it is not a bodega. Not one “green banana spanish vegi or fruit to be seen. The folks that run the place… Read more »