Louise & Jerry’s

Louise & Jerry’s set to re-open in Hoboken

Louise & Jerry's Hoboken NJ renovationAlmost two months since closing for renovations, Louise & Jerry’s at 329 Washington Street is almost set to open up again. One day next week, you’ll get to enjoy an ice-cold drink in a comfortable and relatively unpretentious watering hole again.

Some locals were a bit nervous that “L&J’s” would become “tool-infested,” and lose it’s charming Hoboken “dive bar” characteristics. But due to many age-related structural concerns, building codes, and other reasons, it was no-doubt time to spruce the joint up.

With beautiful exposed brick, and a custom-built mahogany bar, L&J’s still has a welcoming feel. A few flat tv’s, an upgraded pool table, energy-efficient LED lighting, improved HVAC are all positive changes to the Hoboken staple which has been part of the community for well over five decades.

Others missed the “old school” CD jukebox, and were concerned with the “web connected” digital player. But apparently you can still request any classic songs to be included in the choices, and bartenders can over-ride the device if some musically-challenged idiot decides to play $20 worth of Katy Perry songs.

Welcome back, L&J’s!

Description: Bar with Juke Box, Pool Table
Address: 329 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 656-9698

Louise & Jerry’s in Hoboken, NJ renovates

7/28/2014 Update:

Louise & Jerry’s is one of the last remaining “dive bars” in Hoboken. Now they’re under renovation.

Owner Anthony Romano hopes to re-open quickly, but expect this to take until mid- to late-August at least.

Hopefully it remains a dive bar and doesn’t turn into a tool-magnet.

Louise Jerrys Hoboken NJ renovation

Louise Jerrys Hoboken NJ interior renovation

Louise & Jerry’s Review {2006}

Louise and Jerrys.JPG

Louise and Jerry’s is one of the most reliable and straightforward places to drink in Hoboken.
louis and jerrys interior.JPG

People used to complain about the bar being smokey, now people complain that they have to go outside to smoke. Can’t please everyone.

Great place for locals to gather, excellent jukebox with no commercial crap, friendly no-nonsense bar staff.

louise and jerrys bartenders.JPG

You can have a decent conversation with people and it tends not to attract the same wanna-be crowds that some of the other bridge and tunnel bars do. Some spillover occasionally from Nine.

louise and jerrys couple making out.JPG

Some people even make out in this bar!!

Standard bar fun such as pool and a Big Buck Hunter video game to appease the individuals with ADD.

louise and jerrys pool.JPG

Overall it’s a bit small, and the men’s room is very narrow. Not much else to complain about.

One of the best in Hoboken!

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9 years 7 months ago

great dive bar where you can just sit, chill, drink beer and listen to kick ass music on the juke. bonus – pool table.

9 years 3 months ago

I completely agree with the poster anove me. This is a cool, relaxed place to chill with friends, and play buck hunter, golden tee, or pool.

8 years 10 months ago

One of the best bars in Hoboken and the best bartenders! Jukebox could be updated but its still a really fun bar.
A great “locals” bar that really does many things well.

8 years 10 months ago

Years ago women weren’t allowed to play pool. 😯

8 years 10 months ago

Damned Flappers ruined everything!